Hyatt Globalist Hacks...


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Hello all,

Wanting to know if there are some potential Hyatt Globalist hacks around.

First, I check my Hyatt account this morning and realized that all of my award stays in 2017 have counted towards qualifying nights... is anyone else seeing this? Which means I could just stay at 57 more Cat 1s...but dang that's expensive.

Second, does anyone know of a trick to get targeted for the 20 night Status Challenge going out to all the corporates? I work at a corporation but my email wasn't targeted.

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It looks like at least some people are having luck just by calling (800) 233-1234 and asking for the quick qualifying offer, even if they weren't targeted by email. If you have the Hyatt card, you can earn Explorist (which gets you some upgrades and 4x club access) if you spend $50k on the card. Outside of that, you can use the usual tactics of switching hotels every night, registering for promos, buying discount gift cards and checking hotel deal threads for possible mattress runs.

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Is the $50,000 spend Explorist a published benefit, or is it possibly just a one time thing they did to "celebrate" the new program.


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Hyatt seems to be doing fast-tracks every year since the WoH changes. It may be due to them missing their targets. If you work for a large company, you may want to check your email here: You can test the email and see if it accepts before submitting. The common ones like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Boeing, ATT, Wells Fargo, Deloitte, EY etc all work. It simply sends an email to the address you submit. You just have to open the email and click the link to activate the offer. If you combine this with the current promos, and stayed only at 5k/night hyatt houses, your out of pocket would be 20 x 5k - 17.5k - 10k = 72.5k in addition to earning 5k AA miles. Alternatively, if you have access to cheap rates, paying cash combined with the hyatt amex offer may also be a good deal.