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Looking for advice. after checking bags on LATAM flight to MIA from EZE through SCL, LATAM found us in the AA lounge and told us the flight from SCL would be so late we would not make connection to PHL from MIA. They rebooked us on AA direct to MIA and said the bags would be in MIA. no bags. They have no idea where they are

Next issue - at 4:30 am checked flight Mia to Phl leaving at 9:00 am. No weather issues flight ok. Now flight cancelled. Rerouted us through LaGuardia to PHL.

No longer first class. Offered us free bottled water coupons at AA lounge to take on plane. OMG.

I don’t believe we will make it to PHL today.

My questions. Anything I should be asking for in comps? Booked with AA miles.

Thanks for any advice.


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Just awful. I'm sympathies to you.

If you paid your fare with a premium CC, you probably have some trip interruption benefits.


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I love the closer and nicer community here, but if no one has experience you might look to FT in this case. FT often have the best advice for what you can expect with this type of stuff in terms of compensation from the airlines cuz they have lots of data points. I'd check there with the AA forum. If it's just that last one hour flight, I'm not sure you'll get much/anything. If it's the entire domestic part MIA-LGA-PHL, then maybe you will, but the weather might be mitigating and make it less likely. As mentioned, you might find some CC relief, but I wouldn't think you get much unless the bags never show up. But I'm not an expert at insurance. Good luck.

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Why was the flight from SCL going to be so late? This would be a complaint to LATAM.
Why was the flight from MIA canceled? This would be a complaint to AA.

It's important you get the reason the airline said the flight was canceled. E.g. Weather, Mechanical, etc.

As @heavenlyjane mentioned - depending on the Credit Card you paid the Taxes with you may be entitled to Trip Interruption/Delay Benefits (if you had out of pocket costs like hotel/food/etc.).

I'm certainly in favor of using the complaint/contact section on the website and seeing if you can get anything. If it's weather related they'll probably tell you to pound sand, but if it's mechanical you're much more apt to get something. You may get some vouchers or miles for your troubles depending on the reason for the cancelation.


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I don't know why the SCL was going to be late and didn't think to ask at the time as we were rebooked on a direct to MIA that would get us there in time. The problem I have now is that they issued us new boarding passes, but did not give us new bag tags. Went from a LATAM flight to an AA flight. When bags did not show in MIA, I went to file missing bag with AA but they said they could not look anything up as I only had LATAM bag tag. I did not have time to go to LATAM baggage claim. Was told by AA that the bags would probably arrive in PHL with me. MIA-PHL flight subsequently cancelled due to weather. Rebooked on MIA-LGA-PHL - and as I expected - no bags. Went to AA baggage claim in PHL and spent over an hour trying to explain the situation. They filed a report, but told me it was LATAM problem.

That was Tuesday, it's now Thursday evening - I've spent hours on the phone between LATAM and AA trying to figure out where the bags are. This morning AA told me they were on a flight that was going to arrive at noon today and I should have the bags this evening. I called back this afternoon to make sure the bags had arrived and AA could not confirm that the bags were on that flight. They could still be in EZE for all I know (or they know!)

At least I'm at home and not in dire need of my bags - but it would be nice to know that they are on their way.

@heavenlyjane I used AA miles to book trip and used Aviator card to pay fees to get the 10% points back. I'll have to check that card for any trip delay/interruption benefits, but I don't think they offer.

@Josh F yes, I should have inquired as to why the flight was going to be late AND to ask for new bag tags - at the time I didn't think of it since it didn't seem to be an issue. And they assured me that they had pulled the bags and that they would be on the flight with me to MIA. Now I know to always ask.

@Maverick17 excellent suggestion. I have started reading through all the DP's in between my phone calls! When I posted this I was in the airport panicking. I don't have a lot of experience with this kind of thing - I haven't had a bag lost in 20 years. Knock on wood.

Thank you all for your help. Hoping my bags get here by tomorrow.


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This might explain my LATAM issues from the last trip. I received this email this afternoon (a little late for me):

Because we appreciate your loyalty we want to inform you that due to temporary changes to the way we operate some of our flights may have changed. We will be informing you of the exact changes via our Customer Service platforms but you can also review them in detail at
LATAM, along with other airlines worldwide, has been affected by the delays in the motor maintenance program for the Boeing 787 fleet by Rolls‐Royce.
As a result 20% of our Boeing 787 fleet is currently out of service. We have taken several precautions in an effort to lessen the impact of this operationally and to protect your future flights. These include changing itineraries or modifying the type or aircraft that will fly certain routes temporarily.
We are working to get everything back to normal as soon as possible and extend our sincerest apology for any inconvenience that this may cause.
Please take the following into consideration before your flight:
  • Arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to your departure time.
  • Complete your check‐in online through, or directly at the airport the day of your flight.
  • Check flight statuses at through the My Trips Section.
We hope to count on your cooperation.
LATAM Airlines Team


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Suzie did the bags show up after that previous post like the airline said they would? Did you get any compensation?


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We arrived on Tuesday and the bags showed up on Friday. Bags and contents all intact.

Used award travel and had paid with Aviator Red to get mileage rebate - no baggage comp unless for essential items. Luckily this happened when I arrived home, so I didn't need anything essential.


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Did you ever ask for comp? If so, what did they give you? Regardless, I recommend you writing them a nice/upset letter and send to their customer service corporate address to complain. I've done that for even a measly delayed bag (that was delivered later that night) and got 5k miles out of it.


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No, I didn't and that is a good thought. Did you use email or snail mail?
I am old fashioned (even though I'm not old - hah) and used regular mail. I think it's more effective. I've had great success using snail mail to get compensation from airlines, Chase, etc.