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Global Entry for half the price ($50)

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by Jay A, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Jay A

    Jay A New Member

    This may be common knowledge to the fully travel-hack initiated but I figured I would share since I've seen no mention of it in the forums I frequent. I just learned the hard way that Global Entry ($100 normally) only costs $50 if you buy a NEXUS pass instead of Global Entry, as Global Entry is included with NEXUS. The only kicker is that NEXUS is a cooperative effort with Canada and is therefore only available at locations closer to the northern border.

    I drove all the way to northern Washington looking for faster turnaround on processing for Global Entry and was told that I COULD have gotten it for $50 but since I had already paid the $100 I'm locked in. My loss is your reward if you've not heard of this and have been thinking about it!

    Here is a list of locations that can process NEXUS applications. Not line breaking because I can't imagine the federal government sees this as a loophole.

  2. Josh F

    Josh F Level 2 Member Charity Forum Mod

    The other advantage to NEXUS is that there is no charge for kids. So for our family of 4, NEXUS was only $100 - opposed to $400 for Global Entry. NEXUS does include Global Entry and Pre-Check as well. The big catch is that depending on your location - it may not make any sense (since locations are limited to US/Canadian Border). The other catch is that you do need to be interviewed and approved by both US and Canadian Agents. If you do get NEXUS and fly into Canada regularly then it would also be worth your while to do the iris scans for enrollment as well.
  3. Jay A

    Jay A New Member

    That's awesome. I'm glad I was just doing mine, I'd really be kicking myself if I had paid for my GF and two daughters!
  4. JohnnieD

    JohnnieD Level 2 Member

    Found out the same thing when we got global entry in Niagara Falls. We definitely would have gotten Nexus if we knew it was $50 and you also got Prechek/Global entry. The various credit cards don’t reimburse the $50 fee.
    BTW, the global entry card allows us to use the Nexus lane when entering the US but not when entering Canada.
  5. im_is_ninja

    im_is_ninja New Member

    I totally thought this was a post about selling extra Global Entry credit for $50

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