EVisa Brazil


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Not a question - just a heads up for anyone applying for a Brazil EVisa in the near future. My experience has been a merry-go-round nightmare. And after googling, I find that I am not the only one.

Applied over a month ago. Payment went through immediately. Of course.

First round they - did not like spouse photo, passport copy okay. My photo okay, not passport. Resend requested info for both.

Second round - accept spouse photo, reject passport copy (this was the original copy they accepted). Accept my passport, reject my photo that they originally accepted. Take new photo and resend.

Third round - spouse approved!! Yeah! Reject my new photo.

Fourth round - Reject my third photo. For reasons that make no sense. White background - check, shoulders squared - check, clear photo - check, no glasses and my ears showing - check, contrast in clothing - check (blue sweater). I resized and sent the same photo again.

Go online today to check status - use my log in, click check my status and it takes me to a new application page - complete with instructions on how to make payment.

Keep in mind several days go by before they reject something and when I had checked status before, it would just say pending.

I called today - long hold - they find my app and say they will put it through again as they can't find anything wrong with the application or photo. They will let me know in 3 business days. Adios money I spent on EVisa - I leave on Monday.

All I wanted to do was see the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls. I told spouse to go without me and take pictures.


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Update for anyone who is interested in this nutty debacle - when I go online now to check my evisa status it says:

Application in progress.
Your visa application is currently being assessed by the appointed authorities.

I forgot to mention what happened when I was originally filling out the online app. I filled in the requested information, along with my maiden name as that is on my passport as my middle name. When I hit enter - my info disappeared and my father's was auto populated! How in the world does that happen? My father has never had a passport and was not applying for an evisa. This has been just bizarre.


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Home from trip. I received 4 more emails that my pic for evisa was unacceptable. I was already in Argentina, so I just ignored them as I had already assumed I would not be going to Brazil.

Several days into the trip - I get an email with the evisa. Huh? Thankfully, it was in time to still make Brazil day trip. Got the evisa printed out and trekked on over to the Brazilian side of the falls - gorgeous! So glad the evisa finally came through.

What a bizarre process.