Eurotrip with stopover and open Jaw - Help with booking

Sky WIzard

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I am newish to booking with United. I am trying to book an RT all using saver economy. I have checked each leg individually and know there is availability. When I try to enter multi-segment I get errors...Is there any way to book this on my own or do I have to blow the $50 on the 2 RT tickets?

Proposed Itinerary ORD-stopover in PRG-GDN, WAW-ORD:

ORD-PRG (Routes as ORD-WAW, then WAW-PRG) (Prague is my stopover)
I will take train from PRG-WAW
Flight from WAW to GDN (destination?)
Return flight GDN to ORD (Routes as GDN-WAW, then WAW-ORD)

My question is, is this a legit RT option? If so, how can I book without paying fee?

Thanks in advance!

Mountain Trader

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Seemes this is a legit UA award routing, assuming connections do not exceed 24 hours. has a lot of trouble with multi-segment bookings, which is how this will be treated because it is an open jaw. I would suggest booking as much as you can as a multi-segment award on (with whatever mileage cost the website spits out) and put that award booking effectively on hold by using the Paypal payment alternative but not actually paying with Paypal (or anything). This will produce a 6 charecter record locator for your booking.

Then call UA, provide the Rec Loc and tell the CSR that the website wouldn't book your trip. Have everything at your fingertips before you call-dates, flight numbers (for available flights), proper pricing in miles. Spoon feed the details to the CSR and get the itin where it should be.

My experience is that they have not charged a phone fee in these circumstances. If they try, I would politely point out that you wanted to book it online and only called because the website couldn't get it done. If they still resist, have them put it back on hold (using Paypal option-tell them you're not ready to pay) and HUCA a few hours later.

Watch out on that payment page-don't accidentally pay for an incorrect itin, and make sure to not let the hold expire either or you may lose your available flights.
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