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Earning and expediting Jetblue Mosaic Status with the Jetblue Plus card

Discussion in 'New Blog Posts' started by asthejoeflies, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. asthejoeflies

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    One of my favorite çredit cards in my wallet is the Jetblue Plus card. It’s definitely not the sexiest card, but I’m at the point in my “career” where I choose my favorite cards based on my travel needs, not what everyone tells me. I’m not here to review the card – honestly I couldn’t tell you the value of the current sign up bonus. (Update: Googled it, 30K/$1000 at time of writing). While free checked bags and 2X points on groceries is good, the ability to earn Jetblue Mosaic status via the Jetblue Plus card is the reason I keep the card.

    To earn Mosaic status, you need to spend $50K on the card in a calendar year. You can do this fairly cheaply thanks to the 2X on grocery spend (gas points FTW). Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of the Mosaic status and how to expedite your status. I finished my spend in August but still don’t have Mosaic status since it takes 4-6 weeks to update. But there’s a way around that gate!

    I did my first mileage run with Jetblue, and chased my first status with them too
    Why I value Mosaic status

    I had Jetblue Mosaic status last year and really enjoyed it. The basic status perks are:

    • Waived change and cancellation fees
    • 2 free checked bags (but you get one with the Jetblue Plus card already)
    • 15,000 bonus points upon qualification (can’t get this via card spend)
    • Complimentary alcoholic beverages
    • Access to Even More Speed at security and priority boarding
    • Ability to buy Even More Space seats with points
    • Other stuff

    Some of these benefits don’t present much value to me. TSA Precheck nullifies the benefit of Even More Speed, I don’t drink a lot on planes in economy because I constantly need to use the restroom, and I don’t need all the checked bags.

    Waived change and cancellation fees, on the other hand, come in very handy, especially with a family. I earned a ton of points making my spend, points which have a fixed value (usually 1.3-1.6 cents per point). While that might not seem amazing, it should be pretty straightforward to earn for under that value.

    I find a lot of value in Jetblue Mosaic, but it’s not for everyone

    The fact that Mosaic status allows me to change my award (and paid) flights without a cancellation fee comes in super handy. That way I can play with my itineraries to find flight times that work best for my family. I like to lock in preliminary flights early but tweak them if the price drops or better prices become available for more desirable flight times.

    The second handy feature of Mosaic status is the ability to buy Even More Space seats with miles. You can purchase these seat upgrades for anywhere between 200-1000 points (give or take). Since those upgrades go for $20-$120 (give or take), this is a great deal, especially considering how easy it is to earn the points.

    How to expedite your Mosaic status

    The terms and conditions state that after you meet the spend, it may take 4-6 weeks for Jetblue to award your Mosaic status. According to the Barclays agent I spoke to, Barclays sends the information that you met the spend to Jetblue after the second statement close post spend. Past that it takes another couple weeks for Jetblue to update your status, it feels a little longer than 4-6 to me.

    If you want to speed things up, there’s a way to do that. Give Jetblue a call and tell them that you have the Jetblue Plus card and you’ve met the 50K spending. At this point you should be transferred to a supervisor. If you want to be awarded Mosaic status as quickly as possible, they can call Barclays and confirm that you have met the spending. Then they start the internal machinery to award you your Mosaic status (1-2 weeks).

    If you’re in a bit of a time crunch (or the supervisor is), they can also apply Mosaic benefits without actually giving you the status outright. I wanted to upgrade to Even More Space seats less than a week out from the flight I’m currently sitting on – my Mosaic status wouldn’t update in time.

    The supervisor has the power to apply the benefits, not only did I buy this exit row seat for 800 points, I also cancelled a future flight with the cancellation fee waived at the same time. Wonderful!

    So if you have met the spend for Mosaic status on your Jetblue Plus card and don’t want to wait for status or need to use the benefits, just call up Jetblue and they will help you out. From both supervisors I spoke to, it sounds like this is a fairly regularly thing. It’s great to see customer service agents use common sense – both mentioned to me that it was obvious I had made the spend because they could see how many Jetblue points I had earned via my credit card!

    Final Thoughts

    Jetblue Mosaic status is the first status I’ve ever chased, since its benefits are valuable to me. While it’s more of a low level status, there’s a lot that you can do. If you want to expedite your status or benefits, just call Jetblue. The status is good through the next calendar year so you can just keep repeating the 50K spend if you want to keep Mosaic status indefinitely.


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