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DonorsChoose.org and Staples ink rewards

I really like getting my free monthly $40 Staples Rewards from recycling ink cartridges, but the toner I used for my laser all-in-one costs 8x more if I buy it OEM so I don't. I used to just resell it on Amazon, but they've restricted ink last fall, so now I find HP ink cartridges as close to $30 without going under and search for them on www.DonorsChoose.org. I have temporary(?) Staples Plus membership, which means free shipping at $25+.

Now DonorsChoose is about raising money for the supplies, but it's just as easy to google the school's address and send it directly to the teacher there. All of that info is available on the DonorsChoose site. It looks like a lot of these projects go unfunded, so I make sure to pick a classroom that already owns the printer.