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Did you maximize your Q1 5x for Chase Freedom, Discover, Citi Preferred?



We’re just about halfway through March, which means that time is dwindling down to maximize your Q1 5x points for the various quarterly 5x cards from Chase, Discover and Citi. So consider this a reminder to get out there and maximize your points and cashback.

Maximize your Q1 5x – Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom’s First Quarter 5x is for Gas Stations and Local Commuter Transportation, but note that this does not include parking, tolls, or Amtrak purchases. What does that mean? Find a gas station that has some Visa Gift Cards, or other gift cards that you think you can use in the near term.

Maximize your Q1 5x – Discover

Wholesale Clubs, Gas Stations and Ground Transportation. This isn’t nearly as valuable, because Costco doesn’t accept Discover card, but I think BJ’s and Sams Club do. For resellers; remember that Sams Club and BJ’s both sell a variety of gift cards, so if you can’t find products for resale, you could at least maximize your 5x by getting gift cards for stores that you can find products for resale.

Maximize your Q1 5x – Citi Preferred

Citi Preferred mixes things up, in that they are giving 5x on Home Depot and home furnishing stores. There are a variety of good things you can get at Home Depot, like batteries, as we recently changed our clocks for daylight savings time–and would be good to check those smoke detectors!–as well as lightbulbs, and other things for those “honey do” projects as we get into the spring.


As we near the end of March, its a great time to make sure that you are maximizing your rotating category bonus rewards. Historically, I’ve found the first quarter to be the hardest to maximize, as I don’t do a lot with gas stations–and in fact, I utilize Costco gas for most of my refueling needs). That said, it is a good time to look back and see whether there are ways to maximize your bonuses in the final ~2 weeks of the quarter.

Have you already maximized all of your 5x? If so, how did you do it, manufactured spending? Reselling? Organic Spend?

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