Denver/Front Range MSers? Gather here.


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I know we've always been a bit ignored, what with having no CVS locations and all, but that shouldn't prevent us from getting together. How about a roll call?


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Not sure how soon you were trying to plan something but I'll be in town for the rock and roll half marathon this weekend. Not flying home till Wednesday.

If there is a gathering I'd like to see if I could stop by...

Stuck in KC

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I am in Loveland area frequently and would love to be included. Going to fly out in the next few days to make a target run.

Mountain Trader

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I am checking in as I am based in Boulder. However, I am out of the country for a while so getting together will have to wait.

Rocky Mountain MSers might enjoy a drive to Boulder. The leaves are perfect this time of year, and you pass two Macherich malls at Flatirons and 29th St. I do $2k at a time. Over $500 with any one CC and they take your info. Keep to $500 per CC and they do not. Please walk gently as these are about the only really good MS locales we have had.


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I'm in Denver and am happy to meet up anyplace. I just joined The Forum a few minutes ago.
Though the leaves have all fallen and the ground's now covered in snow, I did find some lovely Redbirds up in Superior at the Target. Though they haven't migrated to Denver just yet, the CSRs at several Targets in SE Denver seem to be familiar with them.

The Ikonik One

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I'm from Denver and I see that no one really ever had a meet up. It doesn't seem so at least... I've got some time and I'd like to share tips and locations for different Msing hacks. Pm if you'd like to get together and maybe learn a little more from each others notes and experiences. I'm always eager to learn and share what I've learned!