Data Point – more than 7 business days for Wyndham to Caesars Rewards status match


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This is just a data point that it took at least 8 business days for my Caesars Diamond status to show up after doing the status match with my Wyndham Diamond.

When you initiate the status match, it says it will be done within 7 business days. Nick at Frequent Miler noted it took less than that for his family:

A few of us in the family have now done this match. While it did not take 7 business days, it took at least 4 or 5 for each of us.
Obviously this is YMMV. In my case, it took longer than the advertized 7 biz days.

I submitted the match 5 full business days before a stay at Harveys Lake Tahoe (part of Caesars). When my Caesars profile hadn’t been updated on the day of check-in, I tweeted @Caesars_Rewards to see if they can expedite the match. They forwarded the request to customer service, but on my day of check out 2 business days later, it still hadn’t been updated. We ended up paying the daily scam resort fee and parking fee of $53, which would have been waived for Diamond.

{ View from my room at Harveys }

A few days after the trip, Caesars Diamond came thru. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but it was more than the advertized 7 business days.


  1. Do the status match early – more than 7 business days before your Caesars stay. In my case, I did it as soon as I got Wyndham Diamond, which turned out not early enough.
  2. If tight on time, request expedited match right away – as soon as you do the match. It didn’t seem like contacting Caesars Rewards on Twitter helped in my case, but it may if you do it early.
How to get Wyndham Diamond

Wyndham Diamond status comes with the Wyndham Earner Business card from Barclay. This is an excellent card with 90k sign up bonus, automatic Diamond status, 8% on gas, and more (as of writing). For more info, see this Frequent Miler post.

Why match to Caesars Diamond

$100 annual dinner, free monthly shows, waived parking and resort fee at Caesars properties (woulda saved me $53 daily on this trip), priority check-in. Need more reason? See this Frequent Miler post.

Have you done the match, and how long did it take?

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