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Crystal Infinite Visa from City Nat'l: anyone got it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by HariOm, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. HariOm

    HariOm Transcendent Level

    DoC keeps mentioning this card and I'm tempted, as there's a CNB branch less than an hour from home. $700 travel reim. means even if I use it to pay $5k of Fed taxes to meet the spend, the card still nets > $600 and that's before the $250 airline fee reim. Seems pretty handy, and from a bank outside the usual suspects (CNB is a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada). That is, if they approve me for the prerequisite checking account (looking at their Green Checking). Anything I'm missing? Would appreciate any experiential wisdom from those that have the card.
  2. HariOm

    HariOm Transcendent Level

    Went ahead and applied online for Green Checking. Got the "App under review" screen, called the number and they said wait up to 72 hours to hear from the review team. Crystal signup offer lasts until 3/31 so there's time.
  3. Anh

    Anh Level 2 Member

    Yes, I have the card and it's been great. AU's also get airline credit and the primary account can request 2 Priority Pass Select memberships, each membership allows unlimited number of guests. You also have 10 Gogo passes per AU, and all the other usual visa infinite benefits
  4. smjd

    smjd New Member

    I had the card. IMO makes more sense to keep long term than any other card out there due to the $250 AU fee credit for each AU (I tried 2 total users redeeming for AA eGC) and priority pass for first 2 users with no AU fee. Also Visa Infinite Gogo passes and $100 discount on tickets for groups of 2 or more.

    For me a checking account with them wasn't necessary.
  5. HariOm

    HariOm Transcendent Level

    Nicely done. These days an account is apparently required, as they told me on the phone, although a commenter at DoC wrote that savings acct works fine.
  6. bayguy

    bayguy Level 2 Member

    I applied in branch and did not open any checking/savings accounts. For people who already have the card, were your AA eGC/pGC less than $100. Trying to see what is the best value for GC which will be reimbursed.
  7. smjd

    smjd New Member

    Both $50 and $100 AA eGC worked for me
  8. dukewake

    dukewake Level 2 Member

    Do you think an income below 70k is even worth a try for this card? I'm going to be in NY tomorrow, and thought I might chance it.

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