Close threads?


Level 2 Member
Hi Admins/mods,

Perhaps you all are a lot more active in Lv2 and I just don't know it... but is there any intention to moderate the general sections of the forums as well?

I've noticed there's a significant number of old threads, where the OP asked a simple question, it was answered, and now people are still necro-posting to a practically-defunct discussion. Perhaps this is a different moderation-style than I'm accustomed to, but I feel like leaving these threads open causes confusion in the overall topic of the thread. Aka, someone may post a semi-unrelated offshoot-question to a 2-year old thread, causing it to branch off. This makes searching the forums for information significantly more difficult.

I'm not sure the best solution - perhaps it's having a forum extension for automatically closing threads after a certain age. Or perhaps it needs to be a more manual process. But I think it's a change that would be beneficial.