Chase Sapphire Reserve story.


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After getting a new amex and a discover 8 months ago, I applied for Capital one VentureAproved for 30k so i tried a few more. My Eq score was 790 Tu 680 Ex 675. I did a search for cards the pull Eq and came up with
Citi TY, NFCU, Barclays, Chase Freedom, and Chase Saphire Reserved & PenFed. I applied for all of them in a 48hour period.

Instant aproval Cap 1 30k
Citi TY asked for tax returns. aproved 15k
NFCU asked for tax returns, i sent in and was declined.
Barclays INstant 5k
Barclays Apple instant 3k
Chase Freedom verify app, 5k
PenFed sent in tax returns waiting.
Yesterday i got a letter from Chase, We have an aplication for a CSP with your name and SS number, please call to confirm its you or let us know if it isnt.

Today i call they verify information and i was approved for 20k....

Not sure how lucky i got, but who am i to argue with the great systems they use.


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Out of curiosity (you certainly are not required to answer) why the wide disparity in FICOs between CRAs?


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I have a 100$ paid collection on Tu and EX that doesnt show on EQ.... Some thing i never knew about been fallowig me around, im reasonable certain it should be gone shortly