Chase Business Card Credit Limit Increase


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Does anyone have experience getting a credit limit increase for a business card (Chase Ink Preferred in this case) without doing another hard pull? I sent a secure message to Chase asking if they could transfer some credit line from a personal card to a business card and they replied that it wasn't possible. They also indicated a hard pull would be necessary to increase the credit limit on the business card.


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Rarly have I seen a customer initiated increase without a HP. However many people have been able to move personal credit to business ( but not biz to personal).
Try calling for your best chance.


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I second what Cmonman76 said. Chase should allow you to move CL from personal to biz without a HP but not the other way around. Try calling the number for your personal card and requesting them to shift CL to your InkPreferred. Maybe you'll have better luck with a live rep to help.

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I was just approved for Chase Ink Business Preferred. I was tenacious and it paid off. I made three different calls to the reconsideration line and finally got a YES! But, unfortunately, was only approved for a 5K credit limit. I requested to have some of my 55K personal credit from my Hyatt card transferred to this new business card while on the reconsideration line. I got a firm no. I only asked once though. In retrospect, maybe I should have asked more than once. I am going to try again to see if I can get a yes without a HP as ScubaDubba & CmonMan76 mentions above. I am hopeful!