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First off I wasn't sure where to post this and Matt suggested this forum.

Lovely Wife(LW) and I got on the super cheap flights to Europe last week and so need a bit of input for flights back. We will be spending 4 days in Paris and returning to LAX on 12/1(I realize this is a popular time to be heading back). My current thoughts are SQ Suites from FRA to JFK then AA F to LAX or LH F from MUC or FRA to LAX. She has never flown international F and so I want to show her that. I have flown both of those. Downsides are waitlisting on SQ(any direct experience with that clearing?) and if we go the LH route waiting until the 15 days before. Any other good(non-American) products I'm missing? EK from Italy?
Strategy wise I am thinking I will either book LH J if I can and hope to move up to F or just waitlist the SQ. It would be a lot of miles but what can you do? Any input is greatly appreciated.


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Sorry you didn't get a lot of joy on this one - I think basically you have it covered already from your post, though I don't know about waitlist times and finding space won't be easy... all I can add is I believe there is no more EK from MXP due to the Italians nixing that 5th freedom route.


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James - I'm not sure what you various mileage balances may be, but I would add that you should be able to redeem 2x100k AS miles for CDG-DXB-LAX on EK. From a very cursory check, EK happens to have 2 F seats DXB-LAX on Dec 2. It's out of the way, and obviously pricey, but would definitely be a pretty darn good introduction to first class travel for your wife!

It also seems to me that FRA-LAX and SFO are about the hardest LH F routes to find a single seat on, let alone two, and even BA space on those routes is scarce. So I would definitely recommend finding an alternate option and not depending on those opening up. From some other internet chatter I've picked up, it seems there is a reasonable success rate in SQ waitlists clearing, but I have no personal experience.

Just my thoughts, and hopefully you can find something.