CapOne account inquiry


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I have been using my CapOne Spark Business Visa to buy GC at, $1500 about 10 times per month the past few months. I got a voicemail requesting a return call to discuss my spending so they could understand it better. Of course I have been getting MO’s with the GC’s. Not sure how to respond. Any suggestions/experience? I hate to lose my 2% CB card. Thanks for any help (not sure if I posted this in the right spot)


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I fortunately have no experience with this. If I were ever questioned about spending for GCs on one of my business accounts, I would possibly say:

1. GCs are useful for business gifts

or (and this is nearly true because I have seen it happen to others)

2. Employees need some access to cash, but I am concerned about (or have had) employees embezzling money. If I give an employee a credit card, my $ exposure is high. So I prefer to give employees $500 GCs, one at a time, so that my max loss to an embezzler would be $500. GCs have a fee, but I would rather pay those small fees than lose thousands to an embezzler.

If I were to try excuse #2, I would be concerned that they would ask me how many employees I have. Well...

I go much more gently on my monthly GC purchases than you do. You're much braver.