Big Green Egg


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Here's what might be a challenging one - I'm looking to buy a Large size Big Green Egg barbeque as a Christmas present. After calling around the best prices I've received are:
$879 for the Egg by itself
$1166 for the Egg with the following accessories - Nest, Side Shelves, Plate Setter, Ash Rake, Grill Gripper, 2 lb bag of Big Green Egg Charcoal, and a box of 24 ct Fire Starters

So... Any ideas on how to get a better price and/or maximize the cash back and/or credit card rewards (Chase Ultimate Rewards, AmEx Membership Rewards, Citi Rewards, or Alaska or United cards) on this?

Go! And thanks in advance


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Get a $20 heat gun to light your charcoal if you are going to use it near an outdoor outlet.

I have the side shelves. They are flimsy. I have used them, but I wouldn't chase them. If you can go with a table, that is best.

My wife bought mine as a birthday present, so I am not sure how much of a deal she got. She did get it delivered, assembled which was a big plus. They are heavy. Talking to my neighbor (BBQ competition guy) he says most places can't discount in writing but you may get a better result working the phone and hearing verbal offers.