Barclay Wyndham 45,000 Offer is Back ($2,000 Minimum Spend, $75 AF)


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Direct link to offer.

I received an invitation to apply as a general Wyndham Rewards member. I don’t see it in the Barclay credit cards page, so it may not be public. In any case, I stripped any identifying info from URL and it seems to work. I’ll update post if better public URL is found later. Personally I have no hesitation to use a non-public link from Barclay – and indeed anyone other than Amex.

Bonus info is in the T&C on application page:

Wyndham Rewards Visa Card with $75 Annual Fee – Platinum Level – Cardholders will earn 30,000 Wyndham Rewards Points upon the first use of the card for a purchase or balance transfer.

Fifteen thousand (15,000) bonus points will be awarded after at least $2,000 in Net Purchases (that are not later returned or rescinded) has been charged to the new account within 90 days of Account opening.

Historically with Barclay, if you are approved, you get the signup bonus. I don’t see any indication that this would be different.

Wyndham points are valuable

I’m a fan of Wyndham points. All properties are 15,000 points per night, so the signup bonus gets you 3 nights. Or you can use cash and points (Go Fast), which still have selective value even after some devaluation. Contrary to some impressions, they do have a large number of high value properties where you can get 1.5 cents per point or greater. For example, they have a gazllion properties in NYC, several worth $200+ per night (some higher). They have some all-inclusives (Viva brand) in Mexico and the Caribbean, some priced at $400+.

I loved staying in Ramada Khao Lak with the beach and Phang Nga Bay directly in front. They took very good care of us, and outdoor breakfast was heavenly with freshly squeezed watermelon and guava juices. I would stay here again in a heartbeat, though I haven’t seen much award availability lately.

Ramada Khao Lak

Mills House Wyndham Grand has the ideal location for exploring Historic District of Charleston (SC), which I absolutely adored.

Mills House. Credit

Many other gems in the Wyndham collection awaiting discovery.

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Perfect timing for me. As I mentioned somewhere else, December marks 6 months since my last approved card with 2 denials after. DoC claims 6 months is the magic time span, so I'll give it a whirl once I make sure it's been 6 months+. Thanks! Plus I'll see if I get the offer as an existing member. No problem using a generic link as provided, either.


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Success! The link you provided sent me to the app. I saved the terms (as there was no landing page specifying the bonus, but the terms had it outlined correctly). Approved! Gonna try for the Choice Priv too now - no fee, why not? They will register as the same HP I believe. (went Pending).
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