Avios Still 4.5k if AA isn't 12.5k?


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If this has been asked before, I apologize. I did a search and couldn't find it mentioned.

Trying to use BA to search awards from NYC to MIA. If there is availability on AA but not at the milesaaver rate of 12.5k is it still only 7,500 with Avois? The cheapest return available is a 50k AAnytime. Does that mean Avios will now charge 30k instead of 7,500 for that flight?
I can't get Avios to price out any awards no matter what date or airport I put in. It comes back no flights every time.


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You can only book Milesaaver tickets with Avios, not Anytime - so if you aren't seeing them then you can't get them.... you could consider swapping up airports on either side to see if that helps.

Note that if you have two carriers involved (US and AA) there is a different award chart to consider that costs a bit more.