Anyone Been to Both Sardinia and Malta - 3-4-5 days side trip plan.


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Back to Italy in October as long as this vaccine stuff does its trick. Anxious to travel again, aren't we all!

I had and still am toying with the idea of a couple of days in Sardinia and this still looks like a great adventure. It IS on the must-do list. However ...

Malta has also been on the list for quite some time, but that was always "for later" as part of catching up with European countries (I think this is still Europe! Close enough for me). Anyway, saw a recent show that loosely linked the 2 islands together and I'm intrigued. It moved way up on the travel priority list. Again, once travel again becomes realistic.

Has anyone been to, ideally, both. One of the other also works if you care to share an opinion. I have 3-5 days that I can use ... flexible but my wife has her priorities, too. Ancient/old buildings and monolithic structures are a big draw for me. I used to think I was following the Indiana Jones path, now it seems I'm heavily influenced by Ancient Aliens :). Ok, ok, I'm just interested on my own, period. But seeing seemingly-impossible building feats of ancient people is a draw. Beaches, food and experiencing the local vibe is important, too.



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Thanks for the reply. I've read up on both now (ordered physical travel books on each) and I KNOW I need to go to both. I just can't do both on our October trip, so I'm still up in the air. Sardinia is much larger with gobs of ancient sites to explore. Is 3-4 days enough? It would have to be and I would make sure these days were full to the brim. We'd still be cheating it somewhat, I'm sure. Malta is 2 islands but both relatively small. It would also count as a new country, and that's a major plus. I think I read it has 3 World Heritage sites ... not sure of Sardinia's count but it's packed, WH noted or not. Easy to check, and nice to check these off as they come, but there is no hope of a "complete list" so it's just a novelty thing for us.

For Sardinia, it seems that it's easiest to get there from an Italian airport although I'm sure other options exist. Malta seems to be served by many European cities overall ... and English is common. Euros are the trick in both. Still, without some overwhelming new facts to change our course, Sardinia seems to be more probable. I'll make sure to add Malta to the next trip to Europe after this one.

SOMEBODY has had to have visited one or the other.

We just need to get rid of this Covid thing. My wife (healthcare worker) gets vaccinated on Monday. I'm hoping to get in sooner rather than later with a pre-existing condition. Certainly should be do-able by October, but we are also scheming for Yellowstone/GTNP in June.