Review American 787 Inaugural


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Hey Guys,

I was lucky enough to buy tickets on the American Airlines 787 Dreamliner inaugural flight on May 7th. It was a great experience and I would recommend everyone taking the new jet sometime.
May 7th AA 2320 DFW-->ORD 7:10 am Departure

Before the flight there were a few speeches by representatives from DFW, Boeing and American Airlines talking about the new technologies aircraft. We also got free pastries for breakfast (first time I have gotten food on the ground from an airline) and then a photographer printed out photoshopped images on us in front of the plane. Then it was time to board; on the jet bridge we got an iPad case with a bunch of goodies inside, including a commemorable coin.

The aircraft was really nice upon entering, Boeing has done a great job with the blue mood lighting. It still had the new plane smell too! We took our seats, everyone was pretty social for such an early morning flight.

Looking out the windows was great, they are super big and you almost forget that you're in a airplane. I saw two helicopters watching from above. The fire department did a water cannon salute and we headed out to the runway, passing a bunch of other planes in line.

We took off really quickly, given how little fuel we were carrying on the short trip to Chicago. I was amazed about how quiet the aircraft was, I could hardly hear the engines spooling up. Once the captain turned off the seatbelt sign, everyone got up and started to mingle. I was able to meet Gary Leff who writes View from the Wing as well as Mommy Points. The flight attendants also let us view the crew rest area and try out a business class seat. I was impressed by the overall product and the personal media TVs were cool as well, but the wifi didn't work at all.

Before I knew it we started to descend. We got a great view of the city after circling out over Lake Michigan. It was a hard landing but everyone applauded. After taxiing to the gate I was able to see the cockpit and meet the captain of the flight. It was a truly great experience, check out some photos on Flickr: