Air Canada Rogue


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Checking out flights to Costa Rica and finding nice schedules on AC Rogue for only 32K UR points. But being 6'-4", that 29" seat pitch concerns me. There doesn't seem to be a way to upgrade to Rogue plus... anyone know how to do this or what it costs? And... is Rogue really THAT bad?

My preferred option is United (35k saver points) but then I'm at the mercy of award space for 5 seats. Some good options flying American for 47k UR points too.

Josh F

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I'm 5'10" and flew Rogue once from DUB to YYZ. The seats were manageable. The thing that bugged me the most was that you couldn't control the light above you - it was either all lights on OR all lights off controlled by flight attendants. Food was meh and entertainment integration with their app wasn't too reliable. HOWEVER, we had found availability for 4 people and it was worth it and would do it again. If your flight isn't too long - I'd certainly go for it.

In my opinion, anything that isn't a premium product gets horrible reviews. However, I prefer to save my points and fly economy (family of 4) and yes, it's not as nice - but we pick well-timed flights (avoiding red-eyes 99% of the time) and manage just fine.


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Route would be CVG-YYZ-SJO. So the longer leg a little over 5 hours. The dates for the trip I'm looking at are not available yet (July 2019) but I've been playing around with flights to get an idea of what to expect. United would be ideal for 35k RT given the points I have available, but award availability for 5 is hit and miss for decent flights.