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55% off


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I can't use it but it seemed like a great deal for those who can. Flash sale at giftme for hyatt cards. Play around with amount to get the highest discount. It says in store use only and is only guaranteed for 7 days.


I made a post along the same lines a while back. https://saverocity.com/forum/thread...-hyatt-gift-card-balances.663852/#post-810727

In fact I saw Hyatt GCs jump as high as 70% off at GiftMe. GiftMe was off line for what seemed to be about 1 month. When they came back online, they no longer accept credit cards. This is likely because of the number of chargebacks they received. Now they only accept bitcoin or ach.

The consensus is that people are selling stolen gcs on giftme. If you decide to take the risk, you shouldn't buy until you are at the hotel. Buy the gift cards, then immediately redeem at the front desk. There are even some reports that people found the gift cards were empty when they bought them.

Google some reviews.
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Thanks for the warning. Was definitely not planning to buy any I could not use within 7 days. Might try one for Whole Foods as a test before doing any big $ amounts with Hyatt.
I wonder if it is possible to get the hyatt hotel to charge the gift cards before your arrival. Possibly by calling in and requesting over the phone. Anyone have any experience with this?

Also note, that the gift cards being sold on GiftMe are not necessarily owned by GiftMe. Like Raise, they allow you to sell your own gift cards for 12.5% commission.