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18,500 Wyndham Points for a single stay

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Hotel Programs' started by AlaskanTraveler, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. AlaskanTraveler

    AlaskanTraveler Level 2 Member

    FrequentMiler had a good post today about the ability to stack 2 promotions. The first is get 10k points for a single booking. Originally this was thought to be targeted specifically to those who got an email, but like Greg, I was able to log into my Wyndam account and see the offer. There is also the 7,500 point masterpass offer found here.
    . You should also get 1,000 points for your booking as Wyndham offers 10 points per $ or 1000 points per booking.

    Now the real question. The cheapest Wyndham property around me is $80 all in including taxes. That's not a bad deal if I had a planned use for the Wyndham points at a higher value, but I don't currently. I also don't have any planned trips where I can use a Wyndham hotel before the promotion expiration. Can I book a room under my Wyndham account then add a friend to the reservation and have them check in without me?
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