car rental

  1. L

    Singapore Airlines Car-Rental Miles Program (3 KrisFlyer miles for 1 USD spent)

    From now to Jan 31, 2020, you can earn 3 KrisFlyer miles for every 1 USD spent and enjoy up to 40% off when you rent a car from, your trusted global car rental platform, for your worldwide rental. Booking period: 10 October 2019 – 31 Janurary 2020 Rental period: 10 October...
  2. L

    AirAsia Car Rental Miles Program(10 BIG Points for every USD 1 Spent)

    From now on to Mar.31 2020, you can earn 10 AirAsia BIG Points for every USD 1 spent on, which is the highest ratio you can get in car-rental category. Besides, you can get extra 80 bonus miles if you complete all the missions listed on the homepage...
  3. heavenlyjane

    Is it possible to access CC Primary Insurance with Autoslash?

    Usually I use Autoslash to get a good price. And when it comes time to pay for the rental, I am careful to choose a CC that offers primary rental car insurance. However I recently looked at the CC fine print and all of them require that you book the rental with the same CC in order to activate...
  4. D

    Easy Rental Car Trick

    I know this works in DEN, so it probably works other places. If you know other places, list them out. If you rent a car in DEN, it is much cheaper to rent off site of the airport. There is a pretty large tax that the airport charges the rental car agencies for on site rentals. If you ride...