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How to buy a money order for 80% off!

As I’ve said before, one of the greatest things about being in the military is the perks you get. I was cruising around the United States Postal Service website (I know, I’m so cool!), and I noticed that in addition to the normal fees for domestic and international money orders, there are also fees for a Postal Military Money Order! And they’re substantially cheaper than regular money orders! The list of prices is here.


For instance, domestic money orders from $0.01 to $500 is $1.25, those from $500.01 to $1k is $1.65, and internat’l is $4.50, but postal military money orders, those bought on post offices on a military base, are only $0.35, no matter how much (up to $1k). That’s ever substantially cheaper than Walmart money orders, which cost $0.70 – 50% savings!


We’re not talking huge savings here, but everything counts, especially when you’re manufacturing a ton of spend and buying a ton of money orders.
If you’re not sure how money orders fit in to manufacturing spend, they’re a good way to liquidate purchased gift cards or earning miles with debit cards.

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