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What I did on My Summer Vacation, and What I’m Up to Now

Happy back to school everyone!  I’ve been quiet for a bit so just wanted to update you on what’s up in my world. Here’s a quick photo recap of my summer:

On the way to Lake Garda, 2018

Lazise, Italy

Borghetto, Italy

Soave, Italy

Soave, Italy

Flagler College is just one of many historic sites of St. Augustine.

St. Augustine, FL

Highway in the Sky, Disney World

Woman’s World Magazine


Cholula, Mexico

Cinco de Mayo, Puebla, Mexico

I’ll have posts about my adventures over the next few weeks.  Posting over here is going to be pretty light as I have a number of other things going on:

  1. I’ve started writing for The Points Guy Family. So far I’ve written about Timeshare RentalsDisney Springs Hotels and we have a number of other posts in queue. I agreed to join Summer at TPG because I believe what she is doing over there is important- getting family points and miles travel to the largest audience possible***. 
  2. I’m speaking at Chicago Seminars October 19-21. I’ll be presenting on two topics dear to my heart, vacation rentals and Disney. In the same vein, I’m thrilled to bring a family perspective to the event. 
  3. I’m hard at work on the 2nd edition of Disney World Hacks. My goal is to have it ready by Chicago Seminars, but it is definitely a work in progress. I want to get the updates right so won’t release it until it is ready. 

***To be clear, I am NOT shutting down this site. I will still post here, just not as often. I’ve gotten a bunch of pushback on saying that I think TPG Family is important, but I stand by my statement. Anyone who knows me knows that over the last six years I’ve been singularly focused on helping families travel more for less. TPG Family allows more people to learn how to do this.

At my first Chicago Seminars in 2012, I was in a clear minority- both as a woman and as a Mom. The Miles/Points community skewed heavily towards single and male for far too long, and I’m thrilled to see the balance shift.

I know some in this community have an issue with the mainstream sites such as TPG, and I did too for a while. But here’s the thing: daily outrage is a lonely endeavor. I’m all for sharing my knowledge in the hopes that more families will get to experience travel. Period.


How was your summer?  I’d love to hear what you did and what you are planning. 

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11 thoughts on “What I did on My Summer Vacation, and What I’m Up to Now

  1. Trevor

    Choosing Passion over Pride. While I think we all have opinions of TPG and the monetization of the hobby, its still commendable that you would choose your passion for getting families into miles and points (and thus travel) over the pride of doing so via only your own awesome blog. Kudos! Just don’t start drinking the dark side koolaid (I suppose unless its spiked!)

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      LOL. I’m a fan of raising all ships as opposed to sinking my own. If what I have to say is valuable for a small audience, it should still be valuable in a larger venue. As long as the advice doesn’t change I’ll sleep well at night.

  2. Denise L

    Congrats! While I am not a fan of TPG, I will read your posts where ever they appear. While others have seemed to sell out to the “larger audiences” I know that you will remain true to your followers, content and more importantly, to your passion of family travel. You are by far the best mommy travel blogger out there.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Thanks, Denise. That means a lot. It’s my goal for the reader to get something out of anything I write, and that won’t change.

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