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Disney World Packing List: 13 Things People Forget to Bring

After visiting Disney World more times than I can count, and despite writing a best selling book on the subject, I always manage to forget some essential item when I pack for the mouse house. I am writing this Disney World packing list for myself as much as for you so I don’t forget next time. 

These items can just as easily be picked up at Walmart or Target in Orlando if you are renting a car. Either way, you will want to have these things people forget to bring to Disney World before you hit the parks and the resorts.

Don't forget these essential things people forget to bring to Disney World!

Disney World Packing List


Two Pairs of Shoes

Did you know you can get blisters on the bottoms of your feet? I found this out the hard way on a Disney World trip. Make sure to rotate your shoes for each park visit.

Blister Band-aids

See above. You will likely get blisters, even with rotating your shoes, so you will want to be prepared.


Motrin can be a lifesaver. It is cheap and small to take with you, so be sure to have some handy. 


$1 at Walmart, $9 in the parks. Enough said.

Cooling Towel

A new addition to my must-have list. This is a lightweight piece of fabric that when wet provides much-needed relief from the heat. Disney has them for $18, but I got six for $15 on Amazon.

Compression Sleeves

Another new addition, and an absolute lifesaver when you are walking over 25,000 steps a day. These are open toe sleeves that help prevent ankle and foot swelling. At $8 for 2 pairs vs. feet agony, compression sleeves are a bargain.

Water Bottles and Powdered Drink Mix Packets

Disney World has water fountains and gives free glasses of ice water at quick serve restaurants. However, many complain of the taste of park water. Drink mix (such as iced tea, Crystal Light, etc.) will solve the problem. Using a water bottle instead of a cup makes the water much easier to transport and the drink mix easier to shake. 

Recently I have graduated from Crystal Light to Nuun Tablets. They replace electrolytes as well as taste great. Considering how much you sweat at Disney World, Nuun is a smart item to keep around.  

Something to Fight Chafing

Prickly heat is no joke, folks. Throw some Body Glide in your bag now. Thank me later. 

Spare Power Bank

You do not want to lose the ability to use your Disney apps because you are out of battery. I like the Ayyie Solar Powered charger.  I just leave it clipped to my bag while I walk around.

Print out of your itinerary

Just in case you forget the above or your cell signal dies.

Rest easy once you have packed these things people forget to bring to Disney World.

Rest easy once you have packed these things people forget to bring to Disney World Resorts.

Things People Forget to Bring to Disney World Resorts



Disney does so many culinary items right. Why is the in-room coffee so awful?  I have yet to get a satisfactory answer, but the Jeoffrey’s coffee offered both in-room and in the quick service restaurants is universally panned. You will find that even Folgers is a step up. 

Disney rooms at Moderate and above have coffee pots, so a Ziploc bag of coffee and a few filters are enough to get you up and going if you need your fix. If I am staying at a value resort, I go a step further and pack a $15 3 cup French Press. Do not forget your coffee extras: all resorts have fridges if you want milk with your coffee or for the kids. 

If you are truly desperate and do not want to wait in line at Starbucks at the parks, head to the Speedway gas stations on property. They have a partnership with Dunkin’. 

A Portable Protein Source

You can find pastries right away for breakfast and lots of options for snacks, but proteins get more challenging and more expensive. Cheese sticks and protein bars are great options in room, but for out and about you need something heat resistant. I like beef jerky, but anything that will not melt will do. 


I am assuming you have a smartphone or other device for entertainment in a pinch. What you might not consider: Disney World Resort rooms offer little privacy. Once your kids are down you will want to keep the noise to a minimum. Watching Netflix or listening to a podcast without bothering the little ones can be a lifesaver during an unexpected afternoon nap.  

Are there any unusual items on your must-pack list for Disney World? I’d love to hear about them in the comments as my next trip is only three weeks away. 

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