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Kindle Lending Library: A Free Book Every Month

I’m going to Soave, Italy with some friends in August. This trip got put together very quickly and I needed info just as quickly in order to decide if it’s somewhere we want to go. (Spoiler alert, it is.)

Which Leads Me to the Kindle Lending Library.

One of the great features Amazon Prime offers is the ability to borrow one book a month for free. I always forget about the Kindle Lending Library, but it was there this morning just when I needed it.

All you need is a Kindle to access the service. Note that you need an actual Kindle device, not just Kindle app on an iPad or tablet. You can borrow one book per month and keep it as long as you would like. 

It’s also not every book, but it is every book that is also available through Kindle Unlimited. The Kindle Lending Library is a free way to sample Kindle Unlimited’s library to see if it works for you if you don’t want to do the Kindle Unlimited Free Trial.

Amazon always touts the Harry Potter series as the big Kindle Unlimited draw, but I get much more value from the endless stream of Lonely Planet Guides. Like the Italy one I borrowed this morning. 

Speaking of Lonely Planet books, here are three entirely free ones:

Another book available through the Kindle lending library? Disney World Hacks. Yes, that’s a shameless plug but hey, you go write a book 🙂

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