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Am I the Only One Totally Over Black Friday?

shoppingI’ve mentioned before that I’ve stopped shopping on Black Friday because I could either price match, shop online, or just live without the deals offered. But this year it’s different- I’m just OVER Black Friday.  Over hearing about which stores are making employees work on Thursday, over who’s released their ads early, over who’s getting in line where, over even knowing what’s on sale.

This year I’m not even excited about the travel deals. In years past 90% here or there had me at the laptop hitting refresh at 11:59AM. This year?  Nah. 

Maybe it’s because the Deal Kids seem to be over Christmas gifts. Neither has taken more than a cursory look at the ToysRUs, Walmart, or Target gift guides. Even the lure of Grandparent and Santa gifts merits a yawn.  In years past they marked up the guides like crazy.

Or maybe because Deal Dad and I have a policy not to exchange gifts- or rather my gift is the ability to travel solo every other year. Two weeks every two years to breathe is worth more than every trinket you could imagine!

But mostly I think it’s because the Deal Kids finally- at almost 11 and 14- have figured out they have everything they could possibly need. Deal Girl first gave signs four years ago when she asked for a trip for her Birthday.  In fact this year I’m repeating the experience with a surprise trip as her birthday gift. (I’m not revealing where as she’s now old enough to read the blog.)

I’d like to give credit to all the travel, especially to Asia. Vietnam in particular gave the kids a perspective on how others lived. I’m not romanticizing poverty but I’m quite sure viewing such a different way of life gives them pause before asking for another Nintendo Switch game.

To be clear- I’m not judging those of you who brave the crowds for a discounted iPhone.  I know for many it’s a family tradition and I’m sure our tree will still bulge with gifts no matter how I feel now. But I do wonder: have your feelings about Black Friday and holiday shopping in general changed as you travel more? Have you found any travel deals worth stalking? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “Am I the Only One Totally Over Black Friday?

  1. MickiSue

    IF there’s anything I want from a Black Friday ad, I have my own time-honored tradition: log into the site at the first moment possible to buy it, and order from the website. I can’t take it home with me, of course, but then, having it come to my home instead is a lot better, in my mind.

    I’m narrowing down the choices now. But not so much for me or family; my kids are grown, Husband isn’t into toys so much. But for reselling. Nice to have the actual Christmas gifts paid for by someone else buying gifts for their family, yes?

  2. AMJ

    I have been feeling exactly the same way this year. Like you, my kids are getting older. My youngest, 8, is still somewhat excited, but my 11 year has told me that she just wants amazon giftcards. My husband and I also don’t exchange gifts. Maybe I’m just a scrooge, but even buying things for other people has become such a chore and, as far as I’m concerned, no one really needs anything.

  3. Oren

    As a consumer, I totally agree with you. That being said, I am very interested in online sales for the reselling aspect. You couldn’t pay me enough to step foot in a store though.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Oren,
      Big fan, btw!
      Reselling might be interesting- I just can’t help wonder if too many chasing the same few deals makes it worth the squeeze.

  4. Laura

    Black Friday? What’s that…? lol. I’m over Xmas already. We have a 3 yr old, so for now we can still take an anti-consumerist stance and be okay. We’ll see what happens as she becomes exposed to the Disney machine and the world of toy merchandising (sigh…). Most of our disposable income goes to travel, food, mortgage and more travel. Like you, we’re looking forward to seeing what the travel companies have to offer for Black Friday.

  5. ClareN

    Black Friday in stores is a yawn. It is the last day I would shop. I am amazed at how early the mention of “Black Friday Specials” is this year. Christmas has gotten so commercial.

  6. Jamie

    I’m kind of with you on Black Friday. I almost feel like Christmas has become post-commercial. It’s like the Black Friday nonsense has jumped the shark and no longer has that special place in the holiday calendar. To paraphrase The Incredibles, “When every day is Black Friday, no day is Black Friday.”
    Our kids are youngish (7,9), and they still are into getting presents. I’ll try to hold on to the holiday fun as long as possible. I wonder if a lot of us adults are “over it”, but we are over estimating the extent to which the kids are. When I was a kid Christmas used to be a crazy big deal. We got tons of presents (but rarely got things outside of Christmas or birthdays). Well, one year the living room at my grandparents’ house was almost completely full of presents (to be fair there were always tons of us staying there). Apparently the adults decided that it had gotten out of hand and after that we got money and one small present from my Grandma. It sucked. Not the money and the small present, which we still loved, but the fact that we no longer sat around for ages with three generations of us going around one at a time opening all of these presents we had gotten for each other. It was this abrupt end to something we had not grown out of yet. It wasn’t really replaced by anything, or explained in any way. Just a sudden Christmas with about 10% of what was normally under the tree. I don’t know. It’s tough in these days of so much stuff to keep Christmas fun. Do you have other traditions that you’ve started to take the place of the presents-a-palooza a bit?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      HI Jamie,
      Good points all. I’ve some traditions the kids holds onto- Disney pins from the “elves”‘in advent calendars; light show visits, etc.

      And I still find some fun stuff for the kids to open- agree that they don’t deserve the bah humbug.

  7. DaninMCI

    With the treats of terrorist at places where tons of people gather the in person Black Friday at the stores is dead to me. You’ll see the Youtube and local news videos of some ghetto folks getting into a fist fight or gun fight over a cart full of $299 flat screen tvs that are worth $99 and they don’t need it anyway. Only to have them stand in line for like 4 hours to checkout.

    I will get up late and enjoy lounging in my PJ’s in front of an airline shopping portal to get some low hanging deals for stuff I need or maybe a few gifts. Then later in the day we’ll go get our Christmas tree and enjoy a pleasant day. The retailers over stepped this event and it’s not special anymore. Maybe a few years down the road once they pull back from being open on Thanksgiving day or night they can recapture some of the hype.

  8. Shanon

    Nope, not doing it. I love to shop, but Black Friday in store shopping is out-of-the-question. I’m finding that each year it just gets more stressful, even online shopping. The deals are starting early and taking up too much time. I’m seriously trying to buy less junk anyway. Now, bring on the gift card and travel deals! A nice 100,000 point cc bonus would be awesome!

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