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My Marriott Platinum Benefits Update (Spoiler Alert: None Are From Marriott)

Marriott Platinum benefits

Marriott Platinum benefits include free breakfast at the Westin Maui.

Last Night I Scored a Transcontinental Upgrade on United.  Even better, it’s the third upgrade on United I’ve received as a United Silver. 

And those are only the business class upgrades. In addition I’ve “upgraded” to economy plus on four additional flights. 

The icing on the cake is that my United status is free thanks to Marriott Platinum. 

Marriott Platinum Benefits go way beyond Marriott


The Marriott Platinum Challenge may be my travel hack of the year.  I still haven’t stepped into a Marriott since completing the challenge in March. Instead I’ve leveraged the Marriott Platinum benefits on both United and at SPG properties for more value than I ever imagined. 

During four Starwood stays in the last month I’ve received both view upgrades and free breakfast. The star in the breakfast lineup was the full buffet at the Westin Maui as seen above. However, the Westin National Harbor comes in a close second as they gave us a full menu breakfast for myself and three kids. 

Marriott Platinum Benefits 

If you haven’t completed the challenge yet, now is the time!


To recap, The Marriott Platinum challenge is available to any Gold member who hasn’t gone for a challenge in the past 24 months. (I hear 12 from time to time but was told 24 today.)  Most people can get Marriott Gold by matching to their Starwood Gold – obtained via the American Express Platinum Card- or via spend on the Marriott Chase card. You’re required to complete 9 stays (individual hotel stays, not combined nights) in 3 months.  To enroll you just call Marriott Rewards at 800-228-2100. I was able to get approved for my first stay the same night. 

Marriott keeps sweetening the pot. Now you’ll get a free night when you do the challenge to reap  Marriott Platinum Benefits. Just register for the Megabonus promotion and after your first two stays you’ll get a free night at any Category 1-5 Marriott portfolio hotel within six months. 

If you’ve completed the Marriott Platinum challenge how have you reaped Marriott Platinum benefits? I’d love to hear your success stories in the comments. 

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