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New Amazon Sample Boxes Released: Over $100 in Credit Available


Amazon Sample Boxes are an amazing deal. You get the entire purchase price back in Amazon credit!

What makes The new Amazon sample boxes post-worthy?

Some background: Amazon offered  sample boxes  over the past year and have just refreshed the stock.  Each one of the Amazon sample boxes contains at least eight samples and the prices range from $4.99-$19.99.

The best box is a luxury beauty box that is chock full of travel size goodies. The luxury beauty box includes 20 (!) high end samples from brands such as Calvin Klein, Vichy, Juice Beauty and many others. 

The best part: if you’re a Prime member chose one or all of seventeen boxes and get the purchase price back on a future amazon purchase. I’ve bought fifteen of the seventeen Amazon sample boxes (have received eleven) and have been happy with all of them. 

At $19.99, the luxury beauty box is a deal. At $19.99 with a $19.99 credit? Say it with me: No. Brainer.  


Now do be aware the credits are limited to the category of the box you buy: the beauty credit is good on a beauty purchase, etc.  However the credit does NOT have to be used on the specific items you get in the box. For instance, the household box credit can be used on a list of 983 items. To see what you can buy, click on the link under the box that says  “learn more”. You’ll then be directed to a list of the items you can use the credit on. The number of items varies from 32 (men’s grooming) to 66,850 (sports nutrition).  

You also need to remember to use the credits or they will expire. Fortunately, you can check the sample boxes  page and Amazon will tell you which ones you haven’t spent yet. I went on today and found six! 

Not a prime member yet? Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trials are an easy way to get in on the swag.

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5 thoughts on “New Amazon Sample Boxes Released: Over $100 in Credit Available

  1. Maria

    Thanks for the post. You always have practical suggestions–love it. I usually forget about the sample boxes. What’s the best way to stay updated when new sample boxes are released? Also, how long before the credit expires?
    Thanks again.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Maria…well, follow The Deal Mommy of course! Otherwise? Just keep an eye out as Amazon doesn’t really give a heads up. As for the credits, Amazon says 3 months, but a couple I had in there I’m sure were from June or July boxes so there may be a bit of flex in that. I’d use within 3 months to be safe.

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