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My 4 Must Haves for Safe Travel with Kids

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We’re about to leave for Camp Mom South America. I hear from a lot of folks about their worries about safe travel with kids. You certainly can’t prevent calamity on the road. In the past two years we’ve faced kidneystones in Gran Canariatonsillitis in Vietnam followed up by bronchitis in Hong Kong and a broken elbow at…Disney World. 

The main thing I’ve learned is that you can’t control what happens on the trip, but the decisions you make before the trip can make or break it once calamity strikes. I have a checklist I use before choosing a destination. When deciding where to go the following things are important to me. 

Checklist for Safe Travel with Kids


1. Access to Western Medicine

This goes hand in hand with travel insurance. I’ve talked at length about why I’m so loyal to Allianz so won’t bore you here.  I will just say with over $6K in paid claims since 2015 I’ve learned my way around finding doctors overseas. Allianz has a handy doctor finder app and website. I supplement their info with some research of my own. By doing so, I learned that Santiago has a Johns Hopkins hospital. I hope we don’t need it but it’s nice to know. 

2. Decent Roads

Many years ago my parents lived in Monterrey, Mexico. To get from the US border to Monterrey you had two choices.  The main road- which you shared with all manner of vehicles, many un-motorized, was best described as harrowing. The toll road was expensive, but empty and brand-spanking new. 

The Mexican government put up billboards on the main road advertising the toll road. The ad featured a Mom and kids and the tagline: “Tu familia te está esperando”. I’ll never forget that phrase because of the use of the verb esperarEsperar means “to wait” but can also mean “to hope” or even “to wish”.  The sign seemed to say that your family wasn’t sure you would make it home alive unless you took the toll road!

So from now on I examine the road situation before I choose destinations- and especially before I decide to rent a car. I’m more concerned about accidents than disease when we travel. 

Safe travel with kids: Chicken Buses in Antigua, Guatemala were fun to look at, but there's no way I'm putting my kids on one.

Chicken Buses in Antigua, Guatemala were fun to look at, but there’s no way I’m putting my kids on one.

3. Decent Vehicles and Drivers

I can’t control the drivers of every car but one- the one I let my kids get into. To keep the odds high I’ll get a driver who doesn’t have a death wish I bump up the luxury level when I hire tours and private drivers. More money means better cars and buses and drivers who have had their license more than a day. On a related note I’ll do Uber Black over Uber X anywhere I’m not 100% comfortable with the traffic situation. 

4. Signs I can read, especially if I don’t speak the language

I only speak English and passable Spanish, but feel a lot more comfortable traveling places where signs are in the Roman Alphabet when I’m with the Deal Kids. My thought is that if we get lost I want to at least be able to attempt to name a street sign to find it on a map. Fortunately this has gotten a lot easier in the 25 years I’ve been traveling. In the 90s I didn’t see signs in pinyin outside of large cities in Asia. Two years ago in Vietnam and Japan they were much more common. 

Safe travel with kids: The Deal Kids admire the Hong Kong Skyline. Taken two days after the tonsillitis and 12 hours before the bronchitis.

The Deal Kids admire the Hong Kong Skyline. Taken two days after the tonsillitis and 12 hours before the bronchitis.

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My four point checklist for safe travel with kids.

8 thoughts on “My 4 Must Haves for Safe Travel with Kids

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Great point. Sprint has free text and data internationally, which comes in very handy.

  1. Andrea Reed

    I know you have mentioned it before, But I always bring an entire pharmacy of medications with me for common problems after witnessing a friend in a foreign pharmacy trying to articulate her embarrassing condition using gestures… Also, I always have a ton of snacks that contain protein and/or fiber in case “safe” food is not available where we happen to be.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      LOL at the gestures…I was just in that situation trying to describe Hydrogen Peroxide for a cut Deal Dad was trying to clean. Great points.

  2. P T

    Hi Deal Mommy, I just bought a policy through your Allianz link. Hope you get some credit for it. I’ve learned a lot from you about travel insurance! Thanks!

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