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What are Your Road Trip Routines?

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I’ve done the drive between DC and Florida six times in the past year. Not everything has gone smoothly. For instance, twice I waited until after midnight to try to book a hotel room for the next exit and realized that online sites are now in the NEXT day- not the actual time you need the room!  Lesson learned: pull over before 11:59 p.m. to get that room booked.
I also realized that I’ve developed a routine. Same snacks, same rest stops, I’ve even stayed at the same level two Country Inn and Suites three times on the way. 

Road Trip Routines: Entertainment

When you have twelve hours or more ahead you need ways to engage your brain. I used to rely on podcasts or books on tape but this last trip discovered another trick: Netflix on your Bluetooth. Obviously you want shows that don’t require you to actually watch– I like classic or Disney Sitcoms as stand-in radio shows. Deal Girl and I binge- “watched “Good Luck Charlie” on our last trip up and down I-95. On my own I went through two seasons of Friends.

Road Trip Routines: Snacks

My road trip rountine snacks.

My go to road trip snacks.

I’m a sour gummy bears girl. Sucking on them one at a time helps keep me awake. A single serving bag lasts most of the drive. I’m also a huge Sonic fan as we don’t have them locally. You start to see them in the Carolinas on I-95. The food is meh but the drinks are road trip gold. Who needs coffee when you’ve got Pop Rocks in your diet limeade? 

Road Trip Routines are a lot easier to manage with idiot-proof GPS.

Idiot-Proof GPS.

Road Trip Routines: Behind the Wheel

On this last trip, I tested out the new Ford Fusion Sport. I can confidently report that the car is smarter than I am! The car had this cool feature where it would sense if I was tired and “encourage” me to rest. The Fusion is jam packed with features to keep you both safe and comfortable:

  • Adaptive cruise control: This took me a bit to get to used to but once I did I loved it. It’s cruise control you set and forget- if you get into traffic it automatically slows down to a speed with an appropriate gap between cars and it speeds back up when the traffic clears. Genius! 
  • Blind spot sensors: There’s a light on your side view mirrors that blinks when something is in your blind spot.  Really useful.
  • Idiot proof GPS: The GPS not only tells you where to go but shows you which lane in the SYNC panel. Very handy in new cities with spaghetti ramps.
  • Comfortable ride: No doubt there- a 15 hour drive to Florida each was was a LOT easier on my back in the Fusion than it was in the Accord last year.

I’d love to hear about your road trip routines? What keeps you sane hour after hour on the freeway? Please share in the comments. 

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Road Trip Routines: What are the little things you do every time?

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    Well, since you’re streaming Netflix, I’d recommend a stand-up show. That’d be easy to enjoy while still keeping a good eye on the road.

    I enjoy quizzes on long drives. I just search for quiz games on the internet; there are many different topics one can choose from. I usually do history, art or mythology but, you can find them on any topic you’re interested in. It’s a great way to keep the driver alert.

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