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Lessons Learned From Remodeling Week 12: Beware Pierre

Welcome to my Lessons learned from remodeling journal. I thought it would be fun and instructive to share our remodeling journey week by week. I hope you can learn from what we do right- and more importantly from what we mess up!

As a child of the 70s Maurice Sendak and Carole King’s Really Rosie is burned into my brain. Lately I’ve been thinking about Pierre. If you’re not familiar, Pierre is a little boy who “doesn’t care”.

Pierre doesn’t care about what he eats or what he wears or where he goes. However, his apathy goes much further:

Now as the night began to fall
A hungry lion paid a call
He looked Pierre right in the eye
And asked him if he’d like to die
Pierre said I don’t care!
I can eat you, don’t you see?
I don’t care!
And you will be inside of me
I don’t care!
Then you will never have to bother
I don’t care!
With a mother and a father
I don’t care!
Is that all you have to say?
I don’t care!
Then I’ll eat you, if I may
I don’t care!
So the lion ate Pierre

Pierre’s ennui turned him into lion chow.

Beware Pierre

Three months of constant chaos has turned me into Pierre. What was analysis paralysis has morphed into full blown “I don’t care”. 

Yesterday Deal Girl asked me when the house would be complete. I laughed and told her that I honestly expected that we would live this way for the rest of our lives- and I wasn’t joking. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so accustomed to not having a kitchen (three weeks now), to living out of boxes (12 weeks and counting) to items being ordered and backordered, to us adding new projects or new urgent items arising that I don’t see a finish line. Ever.

And I just don’t care.

The problem really arises when Pierre rears his ugly head in other areas of my life. “I don’t care” is pervasive, fatiguing, and not at all fun to live with- as I’m sure Deal Dad can attest.

Thankfully- as always- travel comes to the rescue. Today I’m off on an extended road trip to Orlando. Two weeks out of here fixes any ailment- and I keep hearing promises that the kitchen might finally be done when I get back.

Not that I believe it.

Have you had to face Pierre? How did you send him away? I’d appreciate any advice in the comments.
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Lessons learned from Remodeling: Beware Pierre!

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