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FT4RL MCO is Less Than Two Weeks Away! (How Did That Happen?)

FT4RL: it's all about the travel.

Always has been, always will be.

Wow, this remodel has my schedule all messed up- I blinked and the next thing I realized I leave in two days for two weeks in Orlando covering Disney for Traveling Mom and then hosting FT4RL on May 6th! 

Based on my original ticket release we’re at sellout but I can fit in a couple more if you still want to come. Get your tickets here


9:00-9:30: Registration

9:30-9:45: FT4RL: State of the Hobby

9:45-10:45: Jason Steele, Dad of 3 and senior writer on The Points Guy among many mainstream publications, on “Cash back is the new black”.

With all the changes in mileage and points programs one thing never changes- free is better! Jason will share tricks and tips on how to maximize convertible currency programs and ways to save beyond the basics. 

10:55-11:55: Julianna Barrett, Mom of Tween Boys and Blogger “Sporting and Special Event Travel on Miles and Points”.

Making those high demand moments possible takes special skills. Julianna has been there and done that- and is happy to share her expertise.

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:10-2:10: Yours truly on “Second Cities: travel beyond LondonParisRomeNewYorkHawaiiDisney”.

I’ll share some of my favorite spots around the world that don’t get enough coverage in the mainstream travel hacking community. I’ll also give you tips on how to find your own second city destinations. 

2:20-3:20: Ari Charlstein, Dad of a toddler and founder of AwardMagic: Multi-Generation and Large Family Travel on Miles and Points.

Sometimes even 4 tickets isn’t enough!  Ari will share his favorite methods of finding space for the entire family- whether you’re a couple or the Duggars.  

3:20-3:40: Afternoon Break

3:40-4:40: Shawn Coomer, Dad of a toddler and teenager and founder of Miles to Memories: “Hacking Theme Parks around the World (and we mean the World- not just Disney World!)”.

Many of you who know Shawn as a popular blogger might not know about his life-long obsession with theme parks. He’s the first one I know who has written a complete review of Shanghai Disneyland for travel hackers.  

4:40-5:00: Ask the Speakers


Besides Saturday’s sessions we also have social events for guests on Friday evening (adults only) and Saturday evening (family friendly). 

If you’ve never been to an FT4RL and are wondering if it’s for you, the mission statement kind of sums up what we’re all about: 

Travel with kids is not only possible, but necessary. By sharing the world with our children, we expand both their minds and our own, creating a lifetime’s worth of wonder that can come no other way.

You can also get a feel for FT4RL by checking out the event recaps

Any questions? Shoot me a tweet or leave them in the comments. 

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3 thoughts on “FT4RL MCO is Less Than Two Weeks Away! (How Did That Happen?)

  1. Terri Clark

    Never been to one of these, someday hopefully! I love the mission statement. As a homeschooling Mom this could be my motto. Thanks for your blog, hope you enjoy the convention.

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