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PSA: Garden Your Bills. I Just Found a $425 Sprint Overcharge!

You’ll occasionally see travel hackers talk about “gardening their reservations”. We use the term “garden” to describe periodically looking at our plans to make sure nothing has changed or that no prices have gone down between booking and taking the trip. 

Today I want to remind you to also garden your bills. The cable company is the WORST at random rate increases but today I found $425 lurking in Sprint’s fine print. 

I confess I wasn’t browsing Sprint today to scrutinize my cell phone bill. I was actually there because American Airlines is giving away free miles to Sprint customers. The best part is that the free miles aren’t only for new signups, which is common, but also for existing customers. 

Sprint has an “optimize plan” feature that takes a look at what you’re paying and what deals they currently have available. I tend to check it each time I browse the site. I’ve had Sprint for over 20 years now and really like that their data is unlimited all the time and has been since forever. They even offer international data completely included- handy for us travelers. 

Glancing at my bill I saw a line I couldn’t place:

Sprint Overcharge

Subsidized what?

I decided to quickly check it out and started a Chat with Sprint:

You : not sure what the $25 “subsidized line” is about.
You: Can you please check?
Sophie Y. : I’ve checked your account and can see that you’ll not be charged for any subsidized fee.
You : What is that, exactly, that I am being billed for now?
Sophie Y. : I’ve checked your account and can see that you were charged for the subsidized fee, however I’m removing it for you now and applying the credit for you.
Sophie Y. : Thank you for the confirmation.

However, that got me to thinking…how long had this charge been on there?

You : For how far back?
Sophie Y. : For last 3 months

She just told me that they were removing 3 months of the charge, NOT how long I had been inadvertently paying it:

You : thanks, but for how long have I been charged and can they all be removed?

A few minutes went by…

Sophie Y. : Sprint has rectified the issue and has resolved the issue.
Sophie Y. : I’ve a very good news for you.
You : Glad to hear.
Sophie Y. : I’ve checked your account and can see that you were charged the subsidized fee from last 17 months which I recognized was not to be charged.
You : wow.
Sophie Y. : Please do not worry, Sprint has taken care of everything, you definitely don’t have to pay anything that you do now owe
Sophie Y. : I’ve coordinated with my manager for this and has applied an instant credit for it for you for the last 17 months that is for $425.
You : thanks so much

Then Sophie Y. confirmed what I knew all along:


Sophie Y. : Thanks to you instead for being so patient and understanding and for bringing this issue.
Sophie Y. : If this won’t had been escalated, you could have charged further for the future.

In other words: Garden your bills! I’m equally grateful that I found $425 and horrified that I let the charge slip by for a year and a half. 

Have you found random charges hidden in your bills? Please share in the comments. 

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4 thoughts on “PSA: Garden Your Bills. I Just Found a $425 Sprint Overcharge!

  1. Kathy

    Wow! Good reminder! I have had Sprint FOREVER and I recently noticed my auto pay bill amount was higher than I expected. I have been busy, preoccupied and have not followed through on checking. Thx!

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