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Alamo Daily Getaways Deal is Today- and It’s the Best of the Season

Daily Getaways starts today. To recap, Daily Getaways is an annual promotion that releases limited quantities of discounted hotel points and travel packages daily at 1PM EST. 

There are a few packages I might consider, but the $25 for $50 (up to 3) Alamo Rent a Car Certificates today (April 10) is the absolute no-brainer. 2000 are available. They tend to go fairly quickly- I wouldn’t wait longer than a day or two. 

Why am I so excited about Alamo? Because I’ve been using the certificates for three years. The first year I was expecting that the 50% off, since you put the certificate in the “coupon code” box, would over-ride any other programs…but I was wrong.

Just use your free Alamo Insiders login and you’ll get both the 50% off AND the insider pricing, which averages 20% off. You can even enter through Ebates for an extra savings off of that. Sweet!

But wait, there’s more.  I called in my Las Vegas rental and the Mid-Size SUV for 8 days would have been $241 after taxes.  Using 3 certificates that cost $75, the rental cost went down to $57, most of which was taxes. Turns out any of the percentage taxes also go down since the daily getaway certificates count as coupons. I should have saved $75 but I actually saved $110!

Unfortunately the certificates can’t negate flat charge taxes and fees- so they are best applied at locations that use percentages as opposed to $2/day, for example. 

To use more than one certificate, you have to call customer service. However, I’ve had no trouble getting up to three applied. The certificates also have no expiration date so there’s minimal risk.

If you have a Discover card you can also score the Alamo certificates through their program- so check that out first before you buy. 

Today I’m leaving for Spring Break (the bonus) using both a certificate and the $4.95 drive out of Florida deal. The certificates make an already awesome deal obscene. You can repeat the deal in reverse every fall- which I did last year for an October long weekend. 

Have you successfully redeemed the Alamo certificates? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Alamo Daily Getaways Deal is Today- and It’s the Best of the Season

      1. Shannon

        Well, I have a NH/ME trip coming up in June. I usually use National and have had great luck getting upgrades from them. I’m using them for an 8 day rental. Though, not sure if Alamo will be the best deal. I have good luck with National corp codes. We really need a van or large SUV. Last time, I paid for a mid-size and received a large SUV. I have two 7 day Marriott vouchers I’m using in Maine for an extended family vacation. I’d love to keep the rental under $200.

        1. thedealmommy Post author

          Sounds like a great trip. Which hotel in Maine? I have a voucher to use as well and hadn’t thought of New England.

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