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Quick Tip: How To Find Hotel Points Bonus Rates

A number of you have expressed interest in the Marriott Platinum Challenge and how I completed it for under $500 net. The specific question I’ve been asked multiple times is about how I earned 16,400 Marriott points on just nine hotel nights. It was remarkably easy using a 2,500 points per stay bonus rate at the Fairview Park Marriott.  Today I thought it would be useful to review how to find hotel points bonus rates for each chain.

Before we go looking for bonus point rates I want to share the criteria I use to decide whether to book one of them or to stick with a cheaper booking with less points. I’m not a huge fan of stockpiling unless the price is too good to resist. For me those prices (in cents) are next to each name.

Hotel Points Bonus Rates: How to find them by chain

Marriott (.7)

If you just want to browse, go to the Marriott Deals & Specials page and click on “points/miles offers”. You can sort by location. If you have a specific hotel in mind go to the rate listing, look for the tab on the far right that says “member offers”. Not every hotel offers bonus points, but if the property has one, you’ll find it there.

Starwood (1.5)

On the offers page open the drop down that says “interest” and click “earn Starpoints”. NOTE: Starwood and Marriott points value rates are in flux as the conversion right now is a super generous 3/1. I don’t expect that will last forever. 

IHG (.5)

I’ve written about hotel bonus points rates and IHG in detail in this post. The good news about IHG is that almost every property offers some sort of bonus points rate. They’re usually a very good deal: I see an extra 5,000 points for $15 quite often and have seen as much as 25,000 points/night for under $50. 

Hyatt (.8)

Here’s the page that lists most offers. Most Hyatts offer a double points rate but I rarely find them to have value.

Hilton (.4)

Best bet is to check the offers page. With the 2x and 3x promotions I don’t find paying extra for 2,000 Hilton points makes sense. 

Club Carlson (.4)

Since the Club Carlson last night free and B2G2 deals have ended it’s hard to find a reason to stockpile Club Carlson points. However, they do give them out like candy!  I once earned 88 points per dollar at the Radisson Martinique in New York City. You’ll find a recap on the offers page

Do you have any go to locations for site-specific promotions? Please share in the comments. 

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How to rack up points quickly using Hotel Bonus Points Rates.


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: How To Find Hotel Points Bonus Rates

  1. Scott

    If you don’t think the 3/1 Marriott/SPG conversion will last, what do you think one should do with points in both programs?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Scott,
      Burn is always my option #1. Otherwise, I think we will get a grace period so no harm in storing in either program for now.

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