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My 86 Day $2415 Gift Card Mall Nightmare

I’m not one for clickbait headlines. If I tell you that my experience with Gift Card Mall was an absolute nightmare I mean it. I’m not going to tell you not to use the site, but you do need to be aware of what can go wrong and how hard it is to get it fixed when it does. 

My Gift Card Mall Nightmare

  • Over the Christmas season Gift Card Mall offered $500 5 back Visa cards at a discount. I ordered $2500 worth of Visa Gift cards for $2415 on December 5. I paid $10 extra for priority shipping with signature because it just seemed prudent.
  • On December 13th I received an email that the gift cards had been shipped. The email noted that I paid extra for Priority shipping with signature and to expect the cards in 3-7 days.
  • On December 20 I received 5 UNSEALED envelopes via first class mail, each with a $500 Visa gift card in it. Let me repeat: $2500 in cash equivalent was sent to me through the US Mail in OPEN ENVELOPES. They weren’t tampered with, they weren’t sealed but opened accidentally, they quite simply had NEVER BEEN CLOSED.
  • Needless to say, the cards were compromised. Hundreds of people in the mail chain had access to the numbers on the Visa cards. I immediately called the customer service number on Gift Card Mall’s website ( 1-888-524-1283) to get the cards cancelled and replaced.

Gift Card Mall’s Circles of Hell

Here’s what you need to know about Gift Card Mall’s “customer service” phone number on their own website: it does not connect to Gift Card Mall. It actually connects to some sort of calling center for “Blackhawk Network” that apparently has nothing to do with Gift Card Mall.  Yes, they’re officially the same company, but no, they aren’t, depending on who you talk to. 

  • On December 20th I spoke to someone (after holding for 15 minutes) at whichever company who did not at all understand why I was concerned.  He actually said to me “do you live in a bad neighborhood or something?” when I explained that the numbers were visible to anyone in the mail chain. After 30 additional minutes he agreed to cancel these cards and send me new ones. He told me this would take 14 days. Why? I have no idea and neither did he.
  • By January 5th I still had no sign of the replacement cards. Calling the number again (still not knowing it does not lead to Gift Card Mall) I repeated the above exercise as the person I spoke with had no record of my first call.
  • By January 20th I still had no sign of the replacement cards.  This time I looked for another number. Googling “Gift Card Mall Customer Service” I found 877-426-2551 on  This number actually got me to Gift Card Mall, even though it’s listed nowhere on  This person had no record of my first two calls and was the one that informed me that the number on does not connect to Gift Card Mall.  This person was apologetic and promised to get the issue resolved within 7 days.
  • By January 28th I still had no sign of the replacement cards. Feeling out of options, I filed a chargeback with Chase. 

What you need to know about Visa Gift Card Chargebacks

  • At first I was optimistic. The Chase rep I spoke to immediately granted me a “temporary credit” for $2415 and told me not to worry about it. As soon as Gift Card Mall didn’t appeal it would become permanent.
  • Guess what happened? Gift Card Mall suddenly got its act together! I received a call two weeks later from Chase that Gift Card Mall was demanding “proof of return”.  I pulled out my notes of the phone calls and numerous case numbers. 
  • HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: IF IT’S NOT IN WRITING, YOU HAVE NO PROOF. The Chase rep told me “some companies really know how to bend the rules”. Apparently Gift Card Mall is one of them. By giving me nothing in writing (even though I asked multiple times) it was my word against theirs. Visa will side with the merchant until proven otherwise!

It took DYKWIA to get my money back

  • So at this point I’m sitting on five worthless pieces of plastic while Gift Card Mall has my $2415. My only remaining outlet- besides filing a police report or going to small claims court (which I did consider)- was social media.
  • On February 20th I sent a tweet saying that my next post would be about how Gift Card Mall stole $2415 from me. I received a message from Gift Card Mall’s Social Media feed within the hour. They didn’t offer to help me, but did take my information.
  • Two days later I did get a call from an actual customer service supervisor at Gift Card Mall. I had to tell him the entire story AGAIN (apparently no one at Gift Card Mall takes notes?) and he seemed appropriately horrified. He promised me a refund within 10 days. 
  • (Wanna take a guess what happened next?) By March 7th I still had no refund. I called him again and again he promised me a refund. This time he actually followed up with an email. This email is the only written communication I have from Gift Card Mall even though I have asked for one after every single call.

On March 16th I got my money back.

It took 86 days and at least 10 hours of my life for my order to get fixed. During those 86 days I lost access to $2415 of my own money. Nightmare is the accurate term to describe my Gift Card Mall experience. 

I know many of you use the site and I’m not going to tell you to stop. However, you need to know that things can go wrong very quickly.  When they do they will get solved very slowly, if at all. 

A response to the commenters who think I somehow created this mess: 

In no way have I claimed expertise in manufactured spending. I am simply sharing my experience. Clearly it has touched a nerve.

I think you’re missing the point of the post. It shouldn’t take 86 days for a company to fix an error. From the time I made the first call the cards were inactive. I reported them compromised and they were cancelled. The story is that it took 86 days for them to replace them (by giving a refund). I would have accepted new cards had they been sent properly. 

Here’s exhibit A of where many readers are living in an entirely different reality than most. The vast majority of people who received what I did in the mail would have had them cancelled and not have considered any other option. The cards I received were compromised. Period. Whether you were willing or not to roll those dice is irrelevant. 

Many have asked why I didn’t try to use the cards anyway. Here was my thought process (feel free to keep throwing me under the bus): it would be easier to replace the entire card than learning it had been used and trying to dispute an individual transaction after I had taken possession.

I viewed it the same way I would have viewed a password hack- you don’t wait for your account to get drained, you change your password. There was no way for me to have known at the time the level of ineptitude I was walking into. The cards should have been replaced within a week. If they had been, there would be no story.

If you are comfortable dealing with a company that has this level of service, so be it. I am not and believe others deserve to be informed in advance. Many people rush blindly into MS without thinking through what a mess it can make when it goes south. Telling them it’s perfectly alright to accept activated Visa gift cards that arrive wide open is just plain irresponsible. I won’t do it.

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72 thoughts on “My 86 Day $2415 Gift Card Mall Nightmare

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Johnnie,
      In hindsight, I would have escalated earlier. I made the mistake of thinking Chase protection was sufficient- it wasn’t.

  1. Steve

    “Needless to say, the cards were compromised. Hundreds of people in the mail chain had access to the numbers on the Visa cards.” Are you saying the money wasn’t there on the cards? I can understand the anxiety upon seeing an open envelope, but as long as the money was there, and if your intent was immediately to liquidate the cards (this, at least, would be my intent), then… why the fuss? What element am I missing here?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Steve,
      Why the fuss? Really?
      Someone can spend $500 in seconds. The money could have easily been drained while I was driving to CVS, even if I had jumped in the car that moment to liquidate the cards. I shouldn’t have been put in the position to have to roll those dice in the first place. Once I was exposed to theft, it was GCM’s responsibility to fix their mistake in a timely manner.

      1. Mser

        Rubbish. What’s the difference if envelopes are sealed or not? Ever heard of steaming envelopes open?

        It’s clear you grossly overreacted and effectively caused your own nighmare. Any gift card can be compromised that you buy at your local store (and many are) but I doubt you’ve ever complained and demanded new cards simply because “hundreds” of people had access?


        1. atxtravel

          I agree. this is dumb and totally a self inflicted problem. You could have gone and drained the cards in a few hours. It’s not like they could have given you money back in one hour.

        2. Carlos

          You are a clear moron if you believe that crap coming out of your mouth.
          Please take MS’er caption off your name and replace it with troll.
          I wouldve acted exactly as the OP did.

      2. WTF

        No, Steve is right. Reading this I thought your cards had already been drained, as this would be the only sensible reason for this reaction. Come on, you considered filing a police report? For what? And if you can’t handle not having access to $2500 for a couple of month, you absolutely are not in the position to be doing that amount of MS.

      3. Adamant

        Any transaction is pending for 24 hrs. If you report stolen card the transaction will cancel. You could try drain them first and panic later.

        1. thedealmommy Post author

          Hi there,
          Thanks for your comment. While commenters are using words like “panic”, I didn’t actually panic. I simply cancelled the cards expecting them to be replaced. Had GCM done its job, there would be no story.

          1. Kyle

            Were the cards ever shut off or do they still have balances to this day?

            I think you’re in the wrong game. I’ve got real nightmare stories from this game. I’m sure most of your readers would be happy to get open envelopes with gift cards from GCM since many of us have been banned by them.

    2. Lonny

      Sorry for the nightmare but you made this into a huge catastrophe. I would be a little embarrassed if I were you.

      1) Were you not aware that numerous posts in numerous forums and many blogs that the reported the envelopes came unsealed to MANY people.

      2) You had an option to call and change PIN for security after checking balance.
      Why didn’t you think of that? You had no liability here.

      3) Anyone could have liquidated 5 $500 cards in minutes – hours. Hard to believe someone in the business could not.

      4) You’re the only person I know that had such drama over such a long time.

      You really worked yourself up over something easily handled. As I mention in point 2, how simple to check balances and PIN in less than 10 minutes.

      BTW: All Gift Card Mall numbers, heck I have them. I also have Blackhawk’s and Incentive Labs numbers. Why don’t you?

  2. Josh F

    Having gone through the getting back my $$ routine with any non-bank entity (e.g. not Chase, Amex, etc.), I would’ve gone through your process as a last resort. Even as simple/straightforward as my last issue when someone managed to spend $50 at a restaurant in California (I live in NY) on a card that I know was in my possession the whole time – has been ongoing for 3 months, 4 faxes, and 2 phone calls. If I was in your shoes, I would’ve checked the balance – if there – spent the $$. If I needed to contest a card or something than that would’ve been a last resort…

  3. Dario

    I understand your points BUT you panicked and created this mess yourself.
    1. Cards were probably fine.
    You could check rhe balances and drive and liquidate them immediately after.
    Chance of someone using them in that specific 1/2 hour is super small. Also the chance that some postal worker who is under camera all the time is a credit card number theef is also minimal.

    2. Again, you are right but you should have known that all these gift card companies have extremly limited customer service. I mean you are experienced in this area.

    You are right to demand what you paid for but here for some reason you just panicked and “created” this mess.

    Simple balance check and drive to the store to liquidate would avoid all this. And only after that you should have called and complained about their unprofessional.

    1. Lonny

      Totally agree.

      Sorry for the nightmare but you made this into a huge catastrophe. I would be a little embarrassed if I were you.

      1) Were you not aware that numerous posts in numerous forums and many blogs that the reported the envelopes came unsealed to MANY people.

      2) You had an option to call and change PIN for security after checking balance.
      Why didn’t you think of that? You had no liability here.

      3) Anyone could have liquidated 5 $500 cards in minutes – hours. Hard to believe someone in the business could not.

      4) You’re the only person I know that had such drama over such a long time.

      You really worked yourself up over something easily handled. As I mention in point 2, how simple to check balances and PIN in less than 10 minutes.

      BTW: All Gift Card Mall numbers, heck I have them. I also have Blackhawk’s and Incentive Labs numbers. Why don’t you?

  4. Mser

    I’ve bought hundreds of thousands off GCM gcs. They are great except when there’s any sort of eff up (presuming you can pass their FUBAR “security team” in the first place). Then they are totally, completely, 110% worthless when you need anything other than card activation. Easily the shittiest, most worthless CS on the planet.

    In your case, you weren’t clear how your cards were compromised? Were the cards drained? Simply because envelopes weren’t sealed because their auto-sealer on their bulk mail shipping machine wasn’t working seems woefully insufficient reason. With GCM/ orders, unsealed/partially sealed envelopes are not unusual.

  5. Travel Tyler

    I had a very similar situation with $1800 of VGC’s purchased through Staples and fullfilled by Gift Card Mall/Blackhawk. They were sent to me first class mail, without any way to track. Unsuprisingly they never got to my mailbox. Who knows how many people had access to the giftcards. After dozens of calls with Staples, Gift Card Mall, and Blackhawk with no one at all helping me fix the situation, I called the credit card company and had the charge disputed. There is still an ongoing investigation but it seems like the only route that I could take since no ownership was taken on the transaction from any of the other companies.

  6. G

    Thanks for listing the customer service number for GCM. I jotted down in case I need it in the future. (Fingers crossed that I’ll never need it).
    But, you really need to answer the question already asked a few times in the comments. Were your cards actually drained, and then you tried to recuperate the money from either Chase or GCM?
    Or, you feared that the cards may have been compromised because they arrived in an open envelope (which is certainly a legitimate fear to have)? Meanwhile, the balance was in your cards for the entire 86 days while you waited for replacement cards?
    I hope you won’t dodge the question. Thanks!

    P.S. I’m glad you were able to resolve it.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi G, I’m happy to answer the question and frankly thought I had. It was never my intention to dodge. As soon as I realized the cards had compromised, I ordered them cancelled. At that time any value that had been there, if there had been any at all, had been drained because the cards were to have been reissued on the spot.

      1. G

        Ok. so this makes a difference. Judging from the comments you are getting on this post, I don’t think people are understanding that you were unable to use the cards because they were canceled and the funds were in some kind of limbo. It makes better sense now.

        1. thedealmommy Post author

          Thanks. I have to say I am surprised by the reaction, although after 5 years I shouldn’t be. I viewed it the same way I would had I heard passwords have been stolen. I would immediately change my password, I would not wait for funds to disappear.

        2. Lonny

          Really, most of us clearly understand how this lady made a fool out of herself.

          Maybe daddy should help her write her blog, she’s a little daft and emotional.

          1. thedealmommy Post author

            I’m just gonna let all of your comments stand on their own merits. Thanks for reading.

      2. Tazz

        sad to say your expectations for instant reissue of replacement cards is wishful thinking. have you answered the question whether the cards had full balance if you checked each one of them? If not, why didn’t you do that first and even if they have been compromised as you thought they were, if the funds were available and the cards were in your possession to use at the store, you could’ve drained them and you no longer have a problem. it would’ve been a problem ONLY if someone else had already drained all cards at the time you received them. Then you should call the issuer about the problem and you have to file a police report, too.

        needless to say, you’re the one to blame for the lost time and inconvinience you experienced when all those could’ve been dodged.

  7. Justa_girl619

    This is the most anecdotal story I’ve ever read. There was no reason to cancel the cards if the funds were on them. You caused the whole mess by acting like there has some crime happened. It was just not sealed envelopes! You considered a police report? lol


    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Just to clarify, the real problem arose when it took me 86 days to get a refund promised to me on day one. I don’t understand why that isn’t clear.

      1. thedealmommy Post author

        I think you have the wrong blog! You won’t find any credit card links here. Thanks for (all of your) comments.

  8. MIA

    Totally overreact.

    When you keep saying your cards are compromised you give the impression the cards were already drained when arriving you – Yet, the reality is, at least you haven’t disputed it – the balances are INTACT on the cards.

    What you should have done is

    1) promptly registered your cards online.
    2) drain your cards immediately after doing the registration.

    That is all needs to be done.

    By the way, BlackHawk is actually the REAL deal that you should have dealt with should your cards are actually compromised.

    I have had cards misplaced, (left at the retailers places with full balances), never activated cards, etc – the BlackHawk reps at Colombia handled every case professionally and promptly. In the case of the $500 cards left at WMT counter by accident, the replacement cards were in my hand the 7th days after I reported they were lost. (Not stolen but lost but no difference).

    You do know MS is a hobby full of risk – if you dont understand the risk and have not a clue on how to handle it, do yourself a flavor – quit that hobby and PLEASE DONT GIVE OTHERS STUPID ADVICE on your blog.

  9. Tazz

    OP you overreacted in this case although I don’t blame you. Had you just checked the balance on fivebackgift website and saw it was there, the possibility of funds getting hacked while you’re on your way to the store is very small. You could’ve even checked the balance while you’re at CVS parking lot and if the funds have been drained, you have a time frame to report when your funds got drained. But if funds were available, you could’ve drained all the cards right there and dodged a nightmare.

    I know it’s woulda, shoulda, coulda kind of thing now but you may not realize it until now, the first thing you could’ve done was to check the balance before calling to cancel all the cards to ask for replacement. If you just checked the balance and saw funds were available, would you still choose to cancel all of them and ask for a replacement? If you say you’d still cancel all cards even if the funds were intact, then you have no one else to blame for the nightmare you experienced.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Thanks for your comments. Here was my thought process (feel free to throw me under the bus): it would be easier to replace the entire card than learning it had been used and trying to dispute an individual transaction after I had taken possession.

  10. Chris

    Just a few suggestions for you and/or your readers based on my and friends’ experiences with GiftCardMall:

    1. GiftCardMall’s service absolutely sucks. This may be generous.
    2. IIRC those cards are issued by Metabank. Calling Metabank to have them cancelled/reissued may have worked better. Not that Metabank is great either.
    3. I order from GCM at least 20 times a month. Every single month I get 1-2 envelopes that are fully open. I have never had a problem. This does not mean I won’t someday. I do liquidate these very quickly.
    4. After 30 days of this BS from any financial company, I file with the CFPB (at least while they are still around!).
    5. Chase is the worst major issuer with handling disputes of any type in my experience. I’d rather deal with Barclays, who is not know for their service.
    6. Did you ask for advice on the forum associated with Saverocity (I genuinely don’t know the answer)? I suspect you would have gotten excellent advice.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Thanks for a productive, useful comment. In retrospect, I should have cut bait much sooner. But each time what I was promised was plausible enough to believe. That’s why I’m sharing the experience- so someone else can learn from the process.

      1. Lonny

        Learning how to over react and act silly is what we learned. You pretty much look like you got egg on your face mommy.

  11. Lonny

    Flyertalk has more sensible people talking about how over reactive and irrational the Deal Mommy was.

    She really had this whining backfire on her.

      1. thedealmommy Post author

        Haters gonna hate. After five years I’m used to it. When it gets that personal (and when he devotes so much time to the cause) it says more about him than me.

  12. Kelly

    Jeez, some haters here today. Regardless of how you view DM’s decision-making process, it shouldn’t take 86 days and multiple phone calls to resolve an issue, and I for one appreciate the heads up on how (not) to deal with GCM.

  13. Dalo

    Maybe she over reacted and maybe not . For me the bottom line is that one or maybe two calls should bring prompt resolution . This should work for even the first time- not-a-clue user who doesn’t know the password or secret phone numbers or any of that crap . Companies that handle money should be well organized and responsive .

  14. Anonymous

    Stop acting like children and move on. It’s her blog, she can and she did so move on and let the “new class” learn from her post what we already know. Cheers!

  15. Jack

    Not a hater, but I too have received visa giftcards in unsealed envelopes and like several other commentators I checked to see if the balance was intact and then ran out and used them. The reason I did that was because I would have expected what you went through to get replacement cards. I’ve had problems with reloadable cards and ended up having my money tied up for months a couple times. All in all, it’s good to have posts that illustrate it is not all double rainbows in the MS world.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Extra credit for the video! Thanks for your comment, and for getting my point- it is indeed not all double rainbows.

  16. Gilbert

    I’m sorry this happened but if you checked the GC balance as soon as you received them and then registered them and got online or in your car to drain them you would have saved yourself a lot of hysteria and being called out by your readers.

  17. konorth

    Thanks for posting this as I had a similar issue regarding timeliness fixing issues with GCM myself last month. My situation was a little different- I bought $4000 worth and they were charged to my c card but weren’t shipped. I waited the suggested 10 days to call and was told “gee, there seems to be glitch with your order and they haven’t shipped”. Another 10 days- same story, a “glitch” and still not shipped. They escalated to another team but I asked to cancel for a refund and they said it would take 10-14 days to post and as this had been escalated they were sure they’d be shipped in a day or two. I opted to wait for the cards to be shipped- which never happened. Long story short I started calling twice a week, several weeks came and went, supervisors and escalations etc-they did track my calls though and each CSR/Mgr was ‘surprised’ at how long this was taking…they finally canceled the order and yes, it took another 2 weeks for the credit to appear. I’m convinced that had I not kept calling they never would have credited my account(or shipped the cards).

  18. Brian

    Back in the Serve days, I bought a bunch of $500 gift cards from Gift Card Mall and went out to a couple of different WMs to drain them. I was able to drain some of them but not all due to kiosks being out of order. When I got home, I realized I was one gift card short….apparently one of them had fallen out of my pocket at some point. I had the same problem as you trying to find a phone number to call and the confusion between Blackhawk and Gift Card Mall. Customer service was unhelpful. They took down my information and promised I’d hear back but I didn’t. Several days pass and several more phone calls later, and I finally get someone on the line who can help, and it turns out the balance on the cards had just been spent earlier that day…..fortunately, since I had already reported the card as missing days earlier, I was not responsible and I was eventually able to get a replacement card. It was a little bit of sweet justice that their own pathetic customer service ended up costing them $500….at least I hope that it was them who ended up having to eat it and not Visa.

    I’m sorry you had to deal with these jokers’ CS. It’s awful. For readers of this blog, I do think it’s worth noting that there is some theft protection on these cards….if someone makes unauthorized purchases you should be able to make a claim and (eventually) get your money back. Given how terrible the CS is, I’d recommend using cards that come in unsealed envelopes rather than trying to get them replaced.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Thanks for sharing, Brian. What a mess! Glad you eventually got it fixed.

      My choice would be not to do business with a company that has such terrible customer service.

  19. Kevin

    I understand the point of your post is to alert people the risk of dealing with Gift Card Mall. But I’m just curious, if you can turn back time, back to the day you received those cards in the open envelopes, would you do the same thing by get the cards cancelled & replaced, or would you choose a different way, like drain them immediately?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Kevin,
      Great question. If I could turn back time I wouldn’t have ordered from GCM at all! However, based on your question no, I still don’t think I would have accepted the risk associated with the compromised cards. What I would have done differently is not have accepted the first answer and found a phone number for gift card mall directly at the get go. I also would have followed up and escalated much more aggressively instead of accepting their timeline at first.

  20. John the Wanderer

    I’ve tried to place orders with GiftCardMall so I can get cashback to offset the fees on the gift cards. Every time I place an order it goes through and then a few minutes later I get an email saying my order was canceled. I reached out to them about it and they say they do it for security. When I confirm who I am, you would think they would allow future sales. No even a $25 gift card order gets cancelled. Its unfortunate because the fees from Simon Malls really add up.

    Based on my experience via email and calling about my issues, I can tell if there is a problem it will be difficult to solve. At least you finally got them back.

    Can you record your calls and provide them to the credit card company as proof of what they said? Or will they only accept emails or other documents in writing.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi John,
      Based on my conversations with Chase, if it’s not written it doesn’t exist. Even a recorded call wouldn’t do it.

  21. Scott

    From having a similar experience, though not for nearly as much money, I would have just liquidated those cards ASAP. Prepay car insurance and anything else. I had an issue with a couple of $200 MasterCard gift cards I bought at Staples. They weren’t completely drained, but some money had been spent. It took a couple of months, lots of faxes(costing me more money), and several phone calls. In the end I got back about $35 out of about $120 that was missing. I couldn’t deal with any more aggravation and just cut my losses. Obviously you couldn’t have known what a headache it would have been, but in the future it’s best to just liquidate those cards immediately rather than deal with the Monty Python-esque nonsense from the gift card companies.

  22. Yevdokiya

    Jesus Christ, the finger pointing of some people is unbelievable. Gift Card Mall’s service was deplorable from the get-go and only got worse as the story went on. If you’re fine with rushing to unload $1000s in gift cards that have been sent in unsealed envelopes (or imagine you would be), well, good for you. But the point of the post was calling out Gift Card Mall’s failures in customer service and warning people who don’t realize that shit like this often happens. I didn’t find it to be whiny at all. Again, if you’re practiced with such things and fine with the level of risk, great, and polite advice in comments can be helpful. But the amount of finger pointing makes MSers look many times worse than DM, IMO.

  23. DJ

    Is this the same WHINNY CROOKED SCAMMER that got smacked by Amex a few months ago when she gamed and tried to cheat Amex? **T H E** “ME ME ME,” “why me why me”, “WHOA WHOA WHOA”, “poor me”, “ME ME ME” attitudes crooked scum bag that ruined all legit bonus-earners!

  24. Dan

    Seems an easier way to get a refund would’ve been to say you never received them in the first place. Then the burden is on GCM to prove that you got them, and since they didn’t have tracking they wouldn’t have been able to prove it.

    Problem solved.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Dan,
      That’s basically what I did- reported them unusable. They should have been re-issued that day based on their own rules. I just didn’t take the extra leap of saying they didn’t arrive at all.

  25. Kristina

    Had the same experience with GCM. They sent my cards to the wrong address–twice. Then told me they couldn’t change the address to the correct one and would have to cancel. Then after I waited 10 days for the cancellation and called back, was told that I never confirmed that I wanted the refund–even though the refund was the only option available to me. Then they finally sent a refund that was $20 short. Still waiting on my $20. The transaction was in November.

  26. P

    I stopped ordering from giftcardmall. After my first order, all other orders after were cancelled. Have not been successful in having an order completed.

    Also, it takes about 90 days to get cash back.

    The “open envelope” is not limited to GCM. also do it now since they got bought.

    The best thing to do is confirm the balance in the cards then cash them out.

    As for charge back with Chase, Chase is very good with doing this. I don’t do it often, and haven’t done it in a year, but usually lights a fire under the merchant’s ass.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi P,
      Thanks for sharing. I agree that Chase is normally good with chargebacks. The “written or nothing” rule was actually specific to Visa- Chase put them in a different category than a regular purchase.

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