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An American Express Mistake I Will NEVER Make Again

Just a quick PSA this morning as I attempt to climb out of the rabbit hole American Express has dropped me into.

Starwood American Express

The target of my dysfunction. Image via American Express

As you may know, the Starwood Personal American Express offer jumped from 25,000 to 35,000 StarPoints.  This is a terrific deal and you should absolutely jump on it if you have an interest in this card. The Business card has a similar offer if you’re so inclined. 

Here’s my mistake:

I applied for the Starwood American Express personal card less than 48 hours before the offer changed. With the remodel I have a bunch of big purchases coming up.   Our kitchen cabinet order is a great way to knock out a min. spend.

Thinking my 25 years as an AMEX customer would earn me a bit of goodwill, I asked American Express to transition me into the new offer. It didn’t occur to me that it would be an issue as Citibank updated an offer for me 30 days after I applied a couple of years ago. 

After 45 minutes on chat and on the phone, I finally got an agent who was able to put me through a “exception application process” to get into the Starwood American Express 35K offer. This process will take approximately 30 to 60 days to complete (?). At that time I’ll learn if I receive the opportunity to earn the same bonus I would have gotten had I waited two days. 

Two days.

Lesson Learned.

NEVER AGAIN will I sign up for an American Express card at the standard bonus rate. I’ll either find another company’s card (regretting not applying for the 80K Chase Marriott instead) or wait it out. Don’t let this happen to you! (And if it has happened to you, please let me know how it turned out. At this point I’m pretty disgusted.) 


Four calls and six people later, I finally got to a decision maker who was able to apply the new promotion. Two hours of my life I’m not getting back.

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13 thoughts on “An American Express Mistake I Will NEVER Make Again

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      I would agree if it were an activity for a promotion. To fight to get something that should have taken 5 min? Not so much.

      1. Brad

        You mean because you felt entitled to get something more than you originally signed up for? You were happy with 25K, but felt compelled to push for a better off that came after you signed up and now want to complain about how long it took Amex to give in? They didn’t owe you anything, so perhaps instead of coming off as entitled to the extra points, you should be thankful they gave you an offer you didn’t sign up for?

        1. thedealmommy Post author

          Hi Brad,
          I guess that’s one way to see it.
          However, the vast majority of retailers in any space (including credit card issuers such as Citibank) have a policy that allows you to match price changes for items purchased within a reasonable amount of time. Why? Because it’s good business.

          1. Jan

            I agree with Brad. There are way too many people in this country who feel they are entitled to everything…especially mommies. Lol.

            Seriously, though, just because some banks will match new or better offers, dont expect another to do the same. Dont complain about it; just be glad you got what you wanted.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      LOL. I’ve had the business for years but up until recently had been a Hyatt girl. Just didn’t see the need.

  1. Christian

    I had a similar situation with AX sending 100k business offer that I accepted, then sent a 150k offer when I’d had the card for a week. I called and AX agreed to honor the higher offer, then reneged on that. I’m still fighting with them months later. Make sure that you get what they promised. Maybe call them to see that there’s a notation, or something like that.

  2. Peter V

    Please quit whining. It’s part of the game we MS’ers play. Most of the times we win and sometimes we loose. We always know beforehand special offers will be introduced at one point or another. You just didn’t have the patience. Don’t blame the card company for it. I agree you should always try to have them match. But whine if they don’t go along? Puh-lease…!!

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