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Give Back Box Mails Stuff to Goodwill for Free. Where Has This Been All My Life?

Game. Changer.

That’s how I describe the give back box, a wondrous little program my friend Rita posted to my Facebook feed yesterday. It’s so simple in its genius that I wish I had been using it forever.

What’s a Give Back Box?

That is the genius- a give back box is any old box you have lying around. All you do is fill it up with Goodwill stuff like you already would. What would normally happen at this point- if you’re like me- is that stuff would pile up until you have the time to get it loaded into your car and drive to the Goodwill dropoff site during business hours. Which means a ton of stuff just piles up, for me in the front closet. Sometimes so much so that we can’t shut the closet door!

Instead, now what you do is seal up that box, go to, and print a label. Stick that sucker on your box and put it outside. Next thing you know, the mailman is taking it away! Easy peasy. You’ll even get a receipt via email for your taxes. There are remarkably few restrictions- basically if it fits, it ships. No liquids, no expolsives, and I haven’t found a box big enough to put a sofa in…yet. 

With Christmas/Chanukah/whatever you celebrate a ton of new stuff is about to come into your house. With New Year’s I’ll bet one of your resolutions will be to clean out clutter. And as you may remember I’m in major purge mode due to remodeling. I can’t think of a better time to take advantage of the give back box. The only loser here may be my mailman as I’ve filled three in the last twelve hours! 

Had you heard of the give back box? Is this a game changer for you, too? 

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Have you heard about the give back box? Basically you fill up any old box with junk you want to give away, slap a label on it, and ship it for free. Genius!

5 thoughts on “Give Back Box Mails Stuff to Goodwill for Free. Where Has This Been All My Life?

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  2. Stephanie

    Sounds great but Where Does It Go??!! What charities are distributing it? How much gets townspeople in need and how much is sold off to be resold in foreign countries??

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Stephanie,
      I can’t speak to all boxes, but my labels have been addressed to an actual Goodwill processing center about fifty miles away from my house. Hope that helps.

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