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eBay Bucks 2017 “Enhanced” (read: gutted)

I knew the moment I saw the email subject line: “Announcing a better, more flexible eBay Bucks!” In an all too familiar pattern, eBay Bucks 2017 program features major “enhancements”. In other words, Ebay has further gutted what was once a valuable program. 

The base earnings rate, which is currently 2 percent, goes down to 1 percent  Jan 1, 2017. “But wait”, eBay exclaims, “look at all the new stuff we’re giving you!”.  Well, let’s take a look at that new stuff.

  • No more $5 minimum (! eBay’s emphasis)  (OK. That’s somewhat positive, but you have to spend $500 to get $5, not $250 as before).
  • Now you earn on auto parts and business categories! (yea?)
  • Now you get points for selling! (How many of you sell more than you buy? You would have to to make this “enhancement” an enhancement for you.)
  • “Exclusive invites for bonus earning!” Wait. Aren’t we already getting targeted bucks offers?  I got an 8% offer this morning. 

PSA to eBay’s loyalty program and other marketing thought leaders

“Enhancements” emails are like Poo-purri. You may think you’re masking the fact that you’re cutting benefits in half, but all you’re doing is making the bathroom smell like a candy cane took a dump.

We’ll respect you more if you say what you mean: “our loyalty program was too expensive to run as is so we’re making it better for our bottom line”. Was that so hard?

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