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Office Depot iTunes Deal: $15 Gift Card with $100 Online Purchase (And How to Stack It)

Posting is sparse lately  but today Deal Girl asked me to pick her up some dishwasher proof markers and white coffee mugs for a “surprise”. Hmmm…  While doing so I saw an Office Depot iTunes deal I hadn’t seen posted elsewhere: $15 iTunes Gift Card free with $100 online purchase. They’re also giving away a Rachel Ray tote with a $200 purchase, but anyone wants a tote designed by a cook is beyond me. 

Two Office Depot quirks make this deal especially stack worthy:

  1. Office Depot Rewards Purchases, even if the net cost is free, count towards the $100 at the cost you pay today. So you can put $69.98 in your cart and you’ll get back all but $9.02.   You get them within 30 days and have until the end of the next month to spend them. Almost free batteries and paper, anyone? *The $32.99 reams of paper don’t count as they’re on a promo code and you can only use one per purchase.
  2. When you DO come back to spend the credits, you can spend them on other rewards items! I’ve rolled credits out for months on end, cashing them in bit by bit for actual stuff as I’ve needed it and just getting more free stuff every week otherwise. Office Depot sells more than office supplies- think of paper towels, TP, even coffee and granola bars. Prices are pretty good so you don’t feel like those credits are going to waste.


  • Make sure to come back and spend the rewards! 
  • Use Chase INK for 5% ultimate rewards at Office Supplies stores.
  • Check Cash Back Monitor for the best portal as it changes daily- today it appears to be Southwest Airlines at 2 points per dollar. 

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