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A Whole New Kind of Journey

This post is part of the lessons learned from remodeling series. We’ll call it week zero.

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to let you know that I may be a bit less active for the next few weeks (let’s hope it’s not months). We’re embarking on a large home remodeling project at Chez Deal. We’re not “stuff” people so for the last few years have put our energies towards travel (duh).  However, now that the Deal Kids are 10 and 13 we need better space. We don’t necessarily need more space- just better space as our Wonder Years era home is showing its age. With that in mind we’re gutting within our house’s footprint to make it make sense for a family with two teenagers and beyond. 

I’m deep into interviews, meetings,  permits, follow up calls and just more work than I imagined would be necessary. I’m also doing some of the simpler projects- like painting and flooring- myself. Remodeling is a rabbit hole I’m still falling through. I have a whole new respect for Flip or Flop.

The upside- lots of points earning opportunities to be had in the world of home improvement!  I’ll be around and post when I can but with workers here 12 hours a day and me covered in dust it might get tricky.  Who knows- if this goes too far past January those 25 stays at Hyatt  for 2 years of Globalist might not look so bad. 

At least summer 2017 is booked so I have Chile and Argentina to look forward to. (FT4RL 6 is booked, too, but only alumni know about that for now…)

I’m starting by shedding as much as I possibly can- if we have to move junk out of one room I’d prefer not to have to move it back into a new one. If you’ve been through a remodel and have any advice to share, please do. 

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3 thoughts on “A Whole New Kind of Journey

  1. MickiSue

    I feel your pain, Dia. Just had an interview with the first of three wrought iron places to replace the clunky turned wood rails on the stairs. Yesterday, the painters finished in the family room and entryway. In January, the kitchen gets done, then two bathrooms refreshed and a rough finish in the basement.

    Meanwhile, the new mantel that was ordered yesterday will need to be stained and installed by us, along with finishing painting the laundry room, before the first of the kids coming home for Christmas arrives on the 18th.

    Cheers, right? I’m thinking of staying at the Country Inn in our suburb, all the better to have points and status for the Radisson Blu near Heathrow next summer.

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