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Random FT4RL DFW Thoughts, FT4RL 6 Ideas and a Twitter Party


It’s not about any of this.

I’m awake from my 24 hour post FT4RL DFW nap and am ready to share some thoughts both about the weekend and about the event moving forward. Imagine throwing a Bar Mitzvah every six months or so and you get a feeling for why I hibernate for a day or two after each FT4RL. The events are great fun- and I’m excited for the next one- but there is about a week every time where I swear this FT4RL will be the last. 

Twitter Party!

Let’s hang out on Thursday November 10th at 9PM EST for 30 minutes or so using the #FT4RL hashtag. I might even have a couple of prizes to give away… Not sure how to do a Twitter party or what one even is? Here’s a handy guide put together by Traveling Mom.


Always has been, always will be.

Random thoughts from FT4RL DFW

  • I have to start by thanking the speakers: Rich, Kenny, Toni and Jason. Each brought a unique point of view and an expertise to their topic- and more importantly each demonstrated so much dedication and passion for travel with kids.  
  • Thanks to the folks who attended. I’m thrilled how many of you are were newbies- we get lost in an echo chamber if we don’t hear some new voices from time to time. 
  • Thanks to our drinks sponsor Friday night- they were a big hit (but went down a little TOO easy for this old lady). 
  • The one bedroom suites at Hyatt Place DFW are comically large. 
  • Best travel hack on Southwest? Have an even number of kids to maximize your companion pass opportunities! 
  • You don’t want to deal with an abscessed tooth in Croatia on your own. Allianz, Allianz, Allianz
  • I need to make plans NOW for August 21, 2017. Nuff said. 
  • New Caledonia went up much higher on my must ticket list. 
  • I also need to brush up on my Scandinavian language skills and make some friends in India.
  • Years from now I’ll be having nightmares about redeeming points for wool socks. 
  • Here’s my review of Las Alcobas, the SPG hotel in Mexico City with the soap butler. 
  • Here’s my post on Sheradill, the Euro hotel site that goes to 90% off with social sharing. There’s also a 20 Euro referral link in there. 
  • A helpful summary of Skyauction, including more details on those certificates we discussed. 
  • A rant on why you should NEVER use Wyndham Rewards on timeshares that includes info on Endless Vacation Rentals
  • Links to AFV Club (military and vets) and Heroes Vacation Club (1st responders) for timeshare rentals. 

Thoughts for FT4RL #6

Location: I got numerous requests for Ohio (one intrepid FT4RLer promised me a pony!) and I hear you. Pittsburgh might be a nice compromise. It would be nice to come home to DC as well. I don’t see going any further west anytime soon and further Northeast just gets too pricey. 

Timing: Is twice a year working for you? It’s hard as any date I throw out there is good for everyone and no one at the same time. Six months out from now is the beginning of May- and I know May gets challenging with graduations, exams, etc. but then we’re into summer and schedules go out the window. April just seems too close. Try for May or push back into late August? 

Size: I think 50 is about right- do you think we could go to 60 or even 70 or is that too big? Did everyone get a chance to talk to me (meaning did I meet you, not did you have the privilege of meeting me) and meet everyone else?

Happy Hour: I’m of two minds about opening up the happy hour. I’ll reserve judgement till I hear from you. 

You guys are the reason I do this and without your support I’d stop. Thanks for coming along for the ride. 

Please share your thoughts- what worked, what didn’t (I’m a big girl, I can take it!), what will…

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8 thoughts on “Random FT4RL DFW Thoughts, FT4RL 6 Ideas and a Twitter Party

  1. Rachel

    I still haven’t made one yet. Silly me thought I wouldn’t be ready to leave my baby, but I think I would have been just fine in a comfy bed to myself.

    Happy to help if you come back to DC. August usually has cheap hotel rooms (and less traffic!) since Congress is on recess. May is great weather though!

  2. Julianna

    I had great time! Thanks for all you do! Thoughts: I think every 6 months is great, cuz if I can’t make it to one, I don’t have to wait a whole year or more to get in on the next one. Location: As long as you keep moving it different places, I think anywhere is fine, not picky. Size: I would be good with 10 or 20 more, but I’m a more the merrier type person. Happy hour: Since not everyone arrived in time to attend, I thought it was small and intimate. I liked it. I really got to talk to several people in depth, which sometimes you can’t do at those things. In the meetings: I loved the live walk through on the web of skyauction, etc. Gave me a much better grasp of the site. Also, I’ve already made my hotel reservations for 8/21/17!! Yeah!!

  3. Gabby

    I made my reservations for Aug as well. Nashville. Thanks to Kenny & Jason!! Hyatt Place, 15K points. Yes please. Done and done. I’m good coming to DC. Kids can get some education (with Dad) while I get my points/miles education on as well.😉

    I had a great time and I’m looking forward to the next FT4RL. I’ve learned a lot at each one I’ve been to (only 2 so far).

  4. Cheryl

    Another great FT4RL Dia! I like the number of attendees just as it is – it’s a nice size. Extending the number of attendees at the Happy Hour was fun though – gave extra people a chance to socialize outside of the sessions.

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