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$50 off $300 Promo Code with Referral, Stackable promo code has upped the game on their  referral program. Tracked by email, offers $50 off your 1st purchase of $300 or more with referral. You have to not only have never booked, but have never received an email from You can refer up to 10 friends and get a $50 promo code (off of $300) for each one that books after their stay.

This offer could have some use, especially because the invite credit is stackable with discount gift cards and nights would count towards generous “one free night every 10” policy which lets you earn rewards even if you aren’t chain loyal or at staying at independent hotels. cards go on sale fairly regularly on eBayCardpool, or Raise ( They’re currently extra 3% off at Raise with promo code “3FORME”. )

I especially see this having value at Disney World Resorts as you still get all guest benefits no matter how you book.  If you are thinking Disney World resorts be sure to check out the 8 Disney World Resorts I don’t recommend.

I am hearing from readers that isn’t showing all inventory for Disney, though, so you’ll want to double-check your dates for availability. Disney lets you cancel up to five days out so you could always book through Disney and keep an eye on closer to your arrival date.

The referral credit could also go a long way in places where independent hotels are plentiful- South East Asia and Las Vegas both spring to mind. If you found gift cards at 10% off and got a $300 hotel for $250, you’d only pay $225 which is a net discount of 25%. Paying $250 on $300 is still a 17% discount- nothing to sneeze at.

There is a fairly long list of excluded hotels here so if the coupon doesn’t work this may be why.

See any especially good values?  Let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “$50 off $300 Promo Code with Referral, Stackable

  1. Tim R

    I’ve never used before… I belong to loyalty programs at most of the major hotel chains. Do you accrue credit in the chain’s program when you book through

    I also have several “spend $300 and get $50 credit” on AMEX cards that I carry. Do you have any idea if will trigger the travel category with AMEX?

    Thanks for the post!

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Tim, nights usually don’t earn stay credits- occasionally you get lucky but I wouldn’t count on it. The benefit is the one night free after every ten. I tend to use them for my independent hotel stays or on chains where I know I won’t be getting any sort of status. The AMEX credit I think is specific to AMEX’s travel agency- I think, so I doubt you could double dip them.

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