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Hyatt Chesapeake: Why Can’t I Quit You?

Hyatt Chesapeake

Dear Hyatt Chesapeake,

You tempt me with your views but then you abuse me again and again. I’ve stayed with you over ten times and should expect your mercurial temperament by now.  Somehow I’m still surprised when things sink so low. I keep thinking Diamond status will save me from the service gaps you often show others.  But it doesn’t seem my past loyalty helps when you’re in one of your moods.

Our visit in April went off without a hitch- in fact it was just about perfect. Of course you were only 1/2 full so had plenty of time for us. You even surprised Deal Girl with birthday cake.

It was enough for me to forgive you for the time before- remember last fall when the entire property looked like a Theta Chi party hangover and the only “gift” we received was some rando’s prescription pill on our bedroom floor?

But after April I thought we were back on track.

That’s why yesterday has me so confused. I’m used to the “quirky” things you did yesterday like not setting my key for the club so I had to visit the front desk 3 times, my sheets having a hole in them, delivering my amenity to the wrong room and forgetting to check if the remote controls work. I’m glad Deal Kid already got a birthday cake at home because the chances of you remembering this time seem slim to nil.

But yesterday’s check in process was so badly bungled that you gave me the keys to an occupied room.

Although to be fair, the 60 year old half naked woman I walked in on has even more to complain about.

But then I sit out here on the balcony at sunrise and I forgive you again. The kids (and I brought five of them this time, filling three rooms) get to run free at their Kellermans and are already planning the next visit. And there will be a next visit.

Because Hyatt Chesapeake, I just can’t quit you.

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hyatt chesapeake

2 thoughts on “Hyatt Chesapeake: Why Can’t I Quit You?

  1. Zach

    I’ve always wanted to try this resort out. We live just an hour away. I think I’m even more confused about going there after reading this. Maybe we should just stay away before it takes a hold of us too :).

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Come in the off season, and expect a Regency, not a Grand or Park. Off season we love the place: it’s just chronically understaffed for peak.

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