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Plus Size Stores in Europe: Here are My Favorite Fashion Finds

Shopping is one of my great travel joys, but finding fashionable clothes that fit can be a real challenge overseas. Size 10 is considered plus size in most of Europe, which can be really frustrating.  No worries…you’re not stuck with accessories! I’ve got a Deal Mommy Tested list of Plus Size stores in Europe.

Plus Size stores in Europe: JMP

JMP clothes make a statement.

Here’s a small list of my faves, please share yours!


Jean Marc Philippe (France):  Jean Marc Philippe (JMP) is my single favorite fashion find.  I love the store so much that I scheduled a three hour stop in Paris just to visit.  JMP clothes make a statement and are not for the meek. I get a compliment every single time I wear a JMP item specifically because they are like none sold in the states. During “soldes” (sale) season prices are 1/2 off. The quality is there- I have six year old items that look new- but their clothes are definitely hand wash and air dry. Deal Dad accidentally shrunk a prized dress just by putting it in the washer.

Naf Naf: Naf Naf is a French brand with stores all over Europe.  Their stores kind of remind me of “The Limited” and their style is very “sexy secretary”.   Their XL equates to about a 16/18.  Terrific sales- I recently got 7 shirts for 70 Euro.


Elena Miro: A chain of “shapley sizes” (love that!) based in Italy. I found the prices a bit high, but the quality is there. It’s on the same level as Marina Rinaldi but not as well known in the states.

Plus Size stores in Europe: OVS

OVS looks are wearable without looking matronly.

Throughout Europe

OVS: OVS is Italy’s “fast fashion” brand with over 1000 stores, mostly centered around central Europe.  The chain is not groundbreaking, having been around since the 1970s. They have recently expanded into the “Curvy” (love that even more than shapley) market up to size 51 (about a 22-24). The quality is H&M ish with an Italian twist: a little more more fitted, a little more embellished. The prices can be jaw-dropping, especially during sale season (August and February). On my most recent August trip I spent 106 Euro. For that 106 Euro I got a fall jacket, a sweater, three pairs of jeans and four tops. 

Desigual: Desigual is a Spanish brand, but they have stores all over Europe and one in New York. Not a “Plus Size” brand, but many of their items go up to XXL (18).  I’m obsessed with their printed Tees and just picked up a bunch in Rome during the “Saldi” season.

Bonita: They’re in 6 countries, mostly in Central Europe. While not especially “Plus Size”, they go to size 48 (18ish), but more importantly the clothes are cut for a central European…as in not a waif! I found the first long sleeved button down blouse that fit properly in 15 years and have a mock wrap dress that is a staple in my travel wardrobe.

Evans (UK and Ireland): I found Evans when we lived in Dublin and was thrilled to find them now shipping to the US. Highly recommend, especially for lingerie that’s well-fitting without being industrial.

Surkana (Spain): Surkana is a brand (not a store) worth looking for. They’re not specifically plus-size, but go up to XXXL, which is an 18 (!). I bought a mini-dress from a boutique in Tenerife that I wear as a tunic with leggings.

Ulla Popken (Netherlands): Great especially for sizes 20+ and for shoes.

If you’re looking for fashion advice, I suggest Nicolette Mason as a great reference.

What’s your favorite wearable souvenir? Do you know of any other plus size stores in Europe I should check out? Please share in the comments.

Plus Size Stores in Europe: you can find fashion that fits! Check out my favorite finds.

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