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FT4RL 5 Updates and Speaker Info!


Happy summer everyone!  I’m just back from a long stretch of travel and wanted to update you on our next FT4RL conference. (Insert cliche here about it being #5- I truly can’t believe it!). To recap, Family Travel for Real Life #5 will be held November 5th, 2016 at the Hyatt Place DFW Airport.

If you’ve never been to an FT4RL here’s the elevator pitch:

FT4RL is the first seminar for frequent travelers (and those who wish to be) specifically tailored to the needs of families.

Created by Dia Adams, who writes the family travel blog The Deal Mommy and is resident Travel Hacker on,  FT4RL brings together experts in various aspects of family travel to teach and, more importantly, to learn from each other. We cover topics from using miles/points programs strategically to destination inspiration to mastering the logistics of travel with kids. The event fills a giant hole in travel advice for families, which tends to swing from “Sleeping at your in-laws house is a great vacation” to “Fly your baby in First Class or stay home”. The speakers at FT4RL are all parents who, while having different modes and methods, share one belief:

Travel with kids is not only possible, but necessary. By sharing the world with our children, we expand both their minds and our own, creating a lifetime’s worth of wonder that can come no other way.

Confirmed Speakers: 

Rich Kerr from Travel Hacking 101 on miles and points for 4 or more. A topic dear to his heart now that he’s a family of 4!  Rich is a senior writer for The Points Guy and also is resident miles expert at

Kenny Burrows from Miles4More on Getting Back to Nature on Miles and Points. AT FT4RL 2 Kenny demonstrated how he got PAID $1200 for a year’s extensive travel with a family of 4. Best mic drop I’ve ever seen.

Mom of 4 Toni Southam on Camp Mom- solo parent long term travel with kids. Toni just spent two months with 4 under 10 in Europe so she knows her stuff! And I won’t even start about the time she hiked the Inca trail pregnant…

I’m doing a session this time!  Hotel Points Alternatives- for trips where the Hyatt just isn’t gonna cut it. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks I use to save up to 90% on lodging all over the world.

A session from you!  I’m recruiting a number of you to speak for 5-10 minutes on a topic you know inside and out but don’t want to talk about for an hour. If you have a topic idea- let me know! It could be a miles/points trick, a destination you hold near and dear, a logistics hack…every FT4RL I’m blown away by the talent in the room and want you to have your moment in the sun.

We will also have social events specific to attendees including a Friday happy hour meetup and a Saturday night dinner.  For Friday night I’m partnering with Rich and his Travel Hacking 101 Facebook group. Rich throws a terrific happy hour and FT4RLers are guaranteed a ticket. If you’re in the group and don’t have a ticket to FT4RL yet be sure to watch his page! Saturday night’s dinner will be for FT4RLers (and their families) only. More info to come…

Once the event goes live on Rich’s group I expect the few tickets remaining will be scooped up quickly. If you were on the fence about coming, now’s the time to act. This time we’re capped firm at 70 but I may close registration earlier as I’m on the fence about the right number being more like 60. My favorite part is having time to talk to all of you and if we get too big I’ll lose that chance. I’d love your thoughts on this.

Any questions?  Leave a comment below.  Also, if you’re an FT4RL alum, how would YOU describe it?

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13 thoughts on “FT4RL 5 Updates and Speaker Info!

  1. TravMom

    I’m excited about the upcoming FT4RL. Glad I get to participate the whole weekend this time. I love talking all things travel and it’s even better when you can chat with other parents. Most parents I talk to don’t take their kids on trips outside of Disney so for me, this conference is important because it helps me think outside of my own habits and goals as a traveling parent.

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  3. TravellerAtoZ

    I’ve been collecting points for two years now and this will be my first social! We’re now a family of four so I look forward to rubbing shoulders with like minded people.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      It is a bit of a mind bend the first time you meet people who think you’re perfectly normal! Look forward to meeting you.

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    1. thedealmommy Post author

      HI Audrey, Friday’s happy hour and Saturday’s sessions are for adults but Saturday night dinner is kid friendly.

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